Monday, February 21, 2011

What's really beneath the Wisconsin union protests.

For the past week we've seen throngs of union employees, Communists, idiots, race baiters, Marxist rock starsphony doctors, and haters of Fox News grace the capital of Wisconsin with their presence. This is the "Tea Party of the Left, Obama's Genius" as the left wing San Francisco Chronicle so dutifully informs us. In reality, it's a left wing paradise, a hub of idiocy and rage fueled by class warfare and organized by the Democratic Party. I like to call it, the Berkeley of the Midwest.

So let's get down to the nitty gritty. What are these people so mad about? Most are union workers that are angry they now have to pay a small amount of money into their own pensions and health insurance. Let's face it. Government employees have in no way, shape, or form suffered near as much financially as private sector employees have during the economic crisis. Yet, they continue to scream like young children in need of a diaper change when the time comes they need to tighten their collective belt like everyone else. The tiny dent in their checkbook, while the source of much of the rage, seems to be a secondary issue though. One needs only to listen to what the union thugs and hooligans running rampant in Madison are saying to see the bigger picture. "This is an attack on the working man!", they say. It's funny, I haven't heard a peep from the 70+% of private sector employees in Wisconsin, or anywhere else for that matter, complaining. This is hatred for the rich. It is the advocation of redistribution of wealth. It is an attack on the Capitalist system. It is none other than a reformed, Americanized attack by the Proletariat on the Bourgeoisie. ---WATCH---. It can best be summed up in one Communist youth's Democrat regurgitation that we must "tax the rich" in order to solve this problem. By no means is this the first time we have heard this from the talking heads of the left. The protest has become ground zero for all things anti-American and extreme, attracting all kinds of leftist revolutionaries eager to exploit the emotion and youth within the crowd. Communists? Jesse Jackson? I think in this instance, guilt by association does apply!

They claim this is an assault on personal freedoms and "rights" by the government. Is it really? Amid all this screeching is an irony so ridiculous it's almost laughable. These people, all union Democrats, are complaining about infringement of rights yet it is likely most all of them adamantly supported Obamacare, arguably the largest assault on individual rights in the history of this country. These people claim to be the ones who support the working long as they belong in an organized union. Unless you are, you don't count. What's more ironic, these leftists love big government, and here, they are arguing about government's intrusiveness into their lives. Why, they would make great Tea Partiers! Isn't this supposed to be the party of personal sacrifice for the benefit of all? Here's your big chance.

Let's take the teachers from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On average, they earn a yearly salary of $100,000/year. In my mind, these people have nothing to protest. It is appalling that these government workers, most of whom make more money than they contribute, would skip work to complain about their "rights", and drag their apolitical students into their own political battle, for their own political and personal gain. This proposed bill is no more a trampling of rights than Obama is a Republican, and you can take that to the bank. Unions protect unproductive workers. Unions are the primary reason for Detroit going under. Unions are the root of the problem!

Governor Scott Walker was elected fair and square. He was elected by the majority of Wisconsin citizens to do this job. The actions of this small, union minority, and yes they most certainly are the minority despite what the media would tell you, are a slap in the face to the people of Wisconsin and taxpayers in general.

I said I'd get down to the nitty gritty and here it is. Wisconsin is broke. If the masses of idiots who have converged on Madison get their way there is only one other alternative. Mass layoffs. So the way I see it they have a choice. Either...

A) Accept the distinct possibility of losing your job.
B) Sit down, shut up, and make a little sacrifice for the good of the state.

Because that's what leftists are all about, right?


Gorges Smythe said...

That's about the size of it. Unionized public employees are ALWAYS a bad deal. Prices go continually up; service goes continually down.

Kid said...

They participated in the boom, and now they reject the bust.
They are children.

Liberals only know what they want. Nothing else matters.