Monday, February 7, 2011

Left wing academia breeds stupidity

Have you ever met a person who was so smart they were actually stupid? Listen to this clip and you'll know exactly what I mean. I highly encourage you listen to the whole fourteen minutes.

To anyone who has been through any American college or university you know all too well the type. There is a difference between book smarts and common sense. Liberal academia is infested with over intelligent idiots who pride themselves in their extended vocabulary and ability to cite random fun facts of nothingness. Like the caller, they have a special knack for talking for extended periods of time but actually saying absolutely nothing. Notice a few things.

-his complete disregard for definition/embrace of universal relativism ("You said good and bad, what does that mean?")
-his worship of social Darwinism
-his hopeless worldview
-his admission of treason/weakness ("If you can't beat them, join them.")

Embedded within the liberal academic community is a certain stupidity that only an academic can master.

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Teresa said...

OMG! The man thinks the fact that he has a degree and that he knows big words makes him smart. He is one of the stupidest callers I have heard in recent months.