Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The tolerance of the left. Hang Clarence Thomas!

Listen to these raaaacist Tea Part--I mean leftists voice their opinions of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Aren't these the people that so often claim to be on the side of the minorities? These are the tolerant, progressive, peace lovers? Ha! Liberal rallies are like cesspools of writhing, grotesque maggots congregating and swimming in a pile of green crap, their ideology. They are fraudulent, intolerant, militant, violent and prejudiced, all while screaming their opposition as being exactly that.

Who are 21st century liberals really? They are a far distant cry from the classical liberals of old, such as the Founders. The classical liberals stood for liberty, hence the term liberal. Today, "liberals" stand for the exact opposite. Modern day liberalism is an ideology of intolerant fanatics with no principles of definition. Modern day liberals stand for nothing other than their own existence, and the imposition of their world view on others. Their world is gray, they have no allegiance. They are inherently violent and vulgar; their rallies tell the tale. They have no sense of reason, purpose, or decency. They hate those who are different from them. That is the 21st century "liberal". One who stands not for liberty, but totalitarianism, and the "good of all".

Oh, and has anyone heard from the NAACP on this? L O L

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