Monday, December 6, 2010

Wikileaks' anti-American agenda, and the people who support them.

It isn't hard to look at the top secret materials Wikileaks chooses to release as a whole and realize Julian Assange and company have an obvious anti-American agenda. Specifically, an agenda against the American military and our efforts in the war on terrorism.

I noticed this months ago with Wikileaks' release of the infamous 'Collateral Murder' video showing US troops killing Iraqi civilians suspected of being insurgents. This was back in April.

Today, we witness the coward and sex criminal Assange and his cohorts releasing thousands of top secret American documents, including most recently a list of key places of interest we have listed as vital to American national security.

Julian Assange may be Australian. But he is acting as a military combatant against the United States, and his weapon of choice is not an AK-47 or RPG, but the internet, and he is utilizing his resources effectively. He should be treated as such, brought in, tried, convicted, and punished accordingly.

While Assange is defaming America and putting American lives at risk, there are the usual people supporting his actions. Over at the enlightened liberal Daily Kos, we see praise for the "brilliant" Assange as somehow being a champion of freedom. We have the typical liberal response that Wikileaks is simply doing its part to create a more transparent and pure democracy. And Ron Paul, the anarchist who does not, nor will ever, have the support of this libertarian, thinks Julian Assange is doing America a service and should be supported at all costs.

Let's be frank. Liberals love Wikileaks because they make America look bad. They expressed outright glee over the release of documents depicting American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they are as giddy as ever now with the release of more harmful information. And Ron Paul, that treasonous turd, will never get my vote.


Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You might piss off half your followers with your views on Ron Paul but I still think you're alright Hack.

Deluded still. But alright.

Hack said...

Thanks Truth, right back at ya. I must say I enjoy reading your posts, even if I don't agree 90% of the time!

Silverfiddle said...

Ron Paul's point was a narrow one. If we don't prosecute the New York Times, why should we pursue prosecution of the WikiRapist?

Regardless, those on the left like troofy are the anti-American turds. The WikiRapist wants to bring down the United States, and he has cost people their lives.

Papa Giorgio said...


Good post, linked a portion of:


Hack said...

Thank you Papa Giorgio!