Sunday, December 5, 2010

Homosexuality is no longer a societal taboo.

Nearly everywhere I look anymore someone is trumpeting the homosexual agenda, whether it be a moronic reporter, a military general testifying before Congress, an entertainment "artist", or a subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) magazine ad.

In a world where economic collapse of our nation is imminent, Islamic terrorism continues to be a real threat, and international relations and alliances are in a continual phase of conflict and change due to the aforementioned factors, homosexuality shouldn't even be an issue.

Yet, almost daily, I'm met with homosexual news. Most obviously, the current debate about Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Let's get something straight. We are in a time of war. Our soldiers are dying on the frontlines. Yet, our military "leadership", all the way up to the Secretary of Defense, thinks it pertinent to devote much of their time to abolishing a policy on homosexual soldiers which we have never had a problem with, and a policy in my opinion that is spot on.

DADT does not prohibit gays from serving. It makes it so they don't openly make their sexual orientation an issue in the ranks. What's wrong with that? It protects the homosexuals in my opinion. But nevermind that. Today's left wing culture warriors demand gays be treated as if they were straight. They like to pretend that the fact homosexuals turn the natural into the unnatural, is absolutely nonexistent. Typical leftist abandon of reason and cold, hard, fact!

My view on homosexuality is this. It is disgusting. It is backwards. It is against the laws of nature. Gays can do whatever they want with themselves. It's none of my business! And it's none of the government's business....UNTIL you broadcast it to the world and make it the sole identifier of yourself! I have no problem with a homosexual who keeps it to themselves and goes about their business. What I do have a problem with are the militant gays who demand homosexuals be treated as if they weren't homosexual. Because that's exactly what they are doing.

Like the title says. Homosexuality is no longer a taboo in 2010 America. In fact, if you watch the media, listen to popular music, or read magazines you might actually think our society prefers it. (Gasp! What a surprise.) I turn on the local news and see a story about civil unions being made legal in my home state, complete with footage of two males in passionate embrace. Oh how sweet! I'm so happy for them! Next, I flip to the national news and find a left tilted story covering the DADT debate. Disgusted, I turn off the TV and open a magazine only to be met with an ad featuring two women disgustingly mouthing each other. Has this country gone mad?

It shouldn't even be talked about. The mere fact our very own military leadership has succumbed to the homosexual mafia's desires while we are in the middle of a war is a testament to just how far our society has fallen.


Anonymous said...

Very well said.

Burro said...

Homosexuality is definitely showing up in places I wouldn't expect it. Wait until the Oscars coming up and I guarantee you that every contending film will have homosexuality as one of its core themes.