Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latin American nations join in on Arizona hate

LatAm nations bid to join Mexico in Arizona case

Now we have all these dunghole countries who allow Marxist factions like the FARC (who endorsed Obama in 2008 I might add) to churn out millions of dollars worth of drugs (which end up on our streets) bitching and moaning about the Arizona immigration law. To all of these countries, Mexico, and Eric Holder:

Please just mind your own paltry business! I'm sick and tired of this AZ law BS permeating throughout the world of news every which way I look. Arizona, you did the right thing and the majority of Americans support you! 

To all these other countries soiling themselves over this law. Please just sit back and then me pour you a nice piping hot cup of shut the hell up!

Now instead of our fearless leaders growing a pair and siding with us, they will actually side with other countries in a war against one of our states over an already instituted law that they would not enforce! It is like throwing one of your children to the dogs. F THEM.

If ever Arizona was to secede from the Union, I would gladly move there. It seems they are the last bastion of courage and boldness left in this nation! 

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