Thursday, July 15, 2010

HBO's John Adams Series

I have yet to finish the entire series and already all I can say is watch it! I have yet to come across a better recreation of the American Revolution in film than John Adams. See ya The Patriot.

Paul Giamatti plays the stubborn, hard nosed Adams from his lawyer days in Boston, to the signing of the Declaration, to his days in France, his acquisition of the Presidency and beyond, with absolute brilliance.

To anyone interested in the events leading up to America's founding, and the men who made it so I can't urge you enough to watch this. You may learn a thing or two. I sure did. For example, I did not know Thomas Jefferson loathed public speaking. He was a quiet, introverted man. Upon further research I actually found out Jefferson had a lisp, and did not like to speak in public because of it, though this was not portrayed in the series. Likewise, I had no idea Adams and Benjamin Franklin were near bitter enemies during their time spent in France and that Franklin was somewhat of a Casanova shall we say. Even more so, and perhaps most importantly, I never did really grasp the sheer magnitude of the decision made by the Congress when they signed the Declaration of Independence. They were considered traitors. The looks on their faces in said it all. It was no joyous occasion.

I digress. This is a wonderful piece of art, not just film, and it should be required viewing for every American in my humble opinion.

Here are a few tidbits...


Fredd said...

I'm waiting until it shows up in the bargain bin at Blockbuster. Assuming Blockbuster will still be around by the time this one is eligible for bargain bin status.

Gorges Smythe said...

You're right, my wife and I watched it recently, and it was excellent!

Unknown said...

It was (and still is) a well done film. And it is very accurate in many ways.
As my family did a complete and thorough family tree on our Adams ancestral blood line and by all accounts of our investigations and research the film was right on target.
I highly recommend this film... I've watched 3 time already. :)

Left Coast Rebel said...

I totally agree, Hack. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate and awesome this series is!