Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hack Wilson Exclusive: One On One With Republican Congressional Candidate Liz Carter

Greetings and welcome to all Hack Wilson readers, fellow conservatives, Patriots, and any random passersby taking a glance at today's interview.

Today we're fielding questions for Liz Carter, candidate for United States Congress in the 4th Congressional district of the great state of Georgia, or "Joe-ja" as many of my former drill sergeants at Fort Benning liked to call it!

Mrs. Carter is the epitome of the Tea Party, a good old fashioned Constitution loving conservative with a firm belief in limited government and American exceptionalism. She is challenging Democrat incumbent Hank Johnson for the 4th district.

Before we get started I'd first like to thank Liz Carter and her campaign for giving me the honor of interviewing such a worthy candidate for US Congress. Thank you!

HW: First off, what made you decide to run for Congress in the first place? Was there a defining moment that spurred you into action?

LC: When you work with businesses across this great nation, and your focus is helping them succeed and helping them grow, you study and closely watch the economy. My clients were being impacted by the uncertainty this Congress has created. Small and large businesses have not had a clear picture on how current legislation will impact them or what regulation would further cost them. There were several market indicators that unemployment was on the rise, yet it seemed as though the focus in DC was on fighting each other instead of doing what is right for the American people and the private sector.

When I combined the market factors with the knowledge that my current congressman did not represent my values, I said enough is enough. I looked at our current leaders and realized many do not have the business acumen to balance a budget or understand how their actions impact business and unemployment.

My defining moment was actually a response I received from Congressman Johnson. I had sent him a letter, one of many, and expressed my dismay with his embarrassing comments. His response was pretty much “sorry, we’d have to agree to disagree”.

The people of this district need a leader who will unite and bring prosperity back, not seek to divide and ignore the serious issues we face with unemployment, education, and immigration. I am that leader.

HW: Specifically, how do you think your successful background in the world of business will impact your role in Washington?

LC: It brings real world experience and understanding. Less than ten percent of our congressional leaders have owned and operated their own company. When you have never experienced opening and operating your own company, you don’t fully understand how legislation will impact a business owner. When you’ve never negotiated, implemented and managed a multi-million dollar budget, you don’t fully understand that you just can’t keep borrowing or printing money. In the world of private business, I have done more with less by creating efficiencies and enabling people to succeed. I have created jobs in the private sector and that experience is what is needed in DC today.

Small business owners need a voice at the table and I will be that voice. This is important because this is where jobs and new opportunity will come from.

In the private sector, money is not granted without a plan and a solid business case. One has to demonstrate that they can and will get the results from the monies spent. There is accountability, not just handouts.

HW: How does your faith in God affect your everyday life, and how would it affect your legislative decision making?

LC: My faith in God keeps me grounded and has taught me that every individual is important. It has taught me honesty, integrity and being true to oneself. Growing up we read from the bible and studied the history of our Country. I was raised to have faith in God and Patriotism. I believe elected officials should be honest and have integrity. I believe elected officials should NEVER put their personal or religious beliefs in front of the Constitution.

HW: In your opinion, what are the top three issues that need to be addressed in this country today?

LC: Jobs: Putting solutions in place, such as cutting the corporate and payroll tax will speed the recovery of the economy and stem the tidal wave of unemployment. This is the top priority along with expanding small business owners’ access to capitol.

Healthcare: I am the only candidate in this race that read one of the worst written pieces of legislation, the health care bill, and has continued to suggest ways to repeal and replace it. We need patient focused reform that will reduce cost. We need to address the $150 Billion in annual fraud from Medicare and Medicaid. We need to create high-risk pools, allow consumers to buy insurance across state lines and we need tort reform. And I’m not sure what those in Congress who voted “Yes” were thinking, because those who could not afford insurance today – still won’t be able to afford it tomorrow on a tax credit the following year.

Immigration: First and foremost, we must secure all our borders. This is a national security issue and we must know who is coming in and out of our country. Many illegal border crossings include individuals with ties to Al-Qeada.

We must make legal immigration the only option. Those who came here illegally need to return to their home countries and apply from their home countries. Legal immigration is in desperate need of reform – expanding work visas for temporary, seasonal, agricultural and other industries.

Employers must have access to and utilize employee verification that is timely and secure. Last, but certainly not least, we must enforce and enhance penalties for hiring illegal immigrants.

Education: I know you asked for three, but as important is getting the Federal Government out of education.

HW: You are one of the few public figures to openly use the words "Islamic fascism" when referring to the global war on terror. How much of a threat do you feel Islamic extremism poses to America compared to past enemies?

LC: Now is not the time to be more concerned about political correctness than the security of our nation. My personal experience of being on a plane that left Boston between the American Airlines flight 11 and the United Airlines flight 175 changed my life forever. I can’t imagine that anyone on my flight, who saw the jetliner crash into the tower and then had our plane searched while we hoped to land, would feel any different. Islamic extremism and other radical organizations are and will always be a threat to our freedom. Islamic extremism is evidenced most recently by the Ft. Hood shooting and the Christmas Day attempted bombing. Beyond the outright violence, there is a more insidious threat of terrorist being allowed to use our own laws against us.

Tim Daniel of Left Coast Rebel asks: Would you be willing to sign a pledge to repeal the recently passed Health Care bill?

LC: I already have!

Micheal Butler of Proof Positive asks: How do you see the Tenth Amendment being applied today? What would you do to strengthen the Tenth Amenedment?

LC: Our federal government is trampling all over the tenth amendment. The tenth amendment is being largely ignored. We cannot tolerate “cafeteria constitutionalism” where we allow our courts and citizenry to only uphold the amendments they like, or those that support their personal faith or beliefs. The federal government is over-reaching and our states’ rights are being ignored. This situation in Arizona is a good example. The federal government abdicated its responsibility to keep the borders secure, forcing Governor Brewer to enforce it at the state level. This administration has responded by suing Arizona. The best way to keep a right is to exercise it. Social issues, education, and many other important issues need to be legislated on at the state-level.

Reader Floyd Burdett asks: What real and possible actions can be taken to stop the snowball of uncontrolled and unsustainable spending, and future commitments and unreasonable regulations forced on American business and taxpayers?

LC: Implementing zero-based budgeting in every Federal department, auditing congressional spending, creating efficiencies, ending unfunded mandates, creating a free market friendly tax environment, as well as making some unpopular decisions and serious cuts to current programs.

Mrs. Carter we thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you win come November! Good luck!

To all readers, remember Liz Carter is running against this guy. Let's do all we can to get her in office this fall!


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