Monday, September 20, 2010

Why I will never side with Ron Paul and the modern day libertarian movement.

I will admit. I am a neo-con at heart. I do not like war, but I do believe it is necessary and I do believe we should take action as a nation to fight an enemy that wishes our complete destruction. That enemy is radical Islam. It is a blatant hostility to our nation that stretches worldwide. It can be found all over the world. Radical Islam represents a danger not just to America, but to humanity and it's a threat more dangerous than the Nazis could ever be.

I like Ron Paul. I think he is a great politician and could be a great president. His views on economics, the free market, and limited government are Founding Fathers-esque, and it's a shame more politicians don't present themselves as he does. But, as far as foreign policy and national defense goes, Ron Paul and his followers and I couldn't be divided any further.

More and more I come to the realization that libertarians in this country, especially the staunch supporters of Ron Paul, whose commitment to him almost borders on religious fervor, are complete pacifists who absolutely refuse to admit or accept that our nation is at war and that there are evil people in this world that wish to destroy us as a nation.

I interact with many people online through message boards, Facebook debates, etc. I like to get into political discussions. I like to know how different people view the world. And every time I argue with a Ron Paul supporter I come to the realization that I could never be one of them. The Ron Paul base has moved from a group of limited government libertarian conservatives to becoming a massive cesspool of conspiracy theorists, anarchists, potheads who only care about the legalization of cannabis, and anti Semites.

I used to support Ron Paul. Not anymore. This conservative libertarian has had it up to here with the "9/11 was an inside job" drivel. And I sure as heck am not going to support a candidate who will not defend this country.

Ron Paul and his supporters make their case for isolationism and non interventionism based upon the Founding Fathers' writings and beliefs on the matter. I agree with them wholeheartedly. But, I can tell you one thing. If the Founding Fathers were here today, they would most certainly go to war with the Islamic extremists who show deliberate intention to bring us to ruin. They stood up for freedom against Britain. They would not sit back and pretend the threat of Islamism doesn't exist, like Ron Paul and his mob believe.

It is so utterly absurd, that they even refuse to accept the fact that Islamic terrorists attacked us on September 11th. Instead, they like to believe it was orchestrated by the government. Hell, to them, everything is a government conspiracy. I guess that means Islamic terror attacks in Britain, Spain, Bali, Beslan, Thailand, India, China, The Philippines, and elsewhere are all orchestrated as well. So are the chants of "Death to America" and "Bomb, bomb USA." Oh yeah, Israel is behind it all too. Those dirty Jews.

You know what gets me the most though? To Ron Paul and the Ron Paulites, America represents not a force for good, but a tyrannical, oppressive evil overtaking the world. To them, the Taliban are victims. The Iraqis are victims. US troops are nothing but mindless pawns and "New World Order" soldiers. Well I have just one thing to say to you, and I can tell you, it's not appropriate for here!

I am sick of debating with people who go into long drawn out tirades about how the Jews run the world, 9/11 was an inside job, Bush and Obama are worse than Hitler, and American soldiers are going to round up citizens into FEMA camps with the end note..."RON PAUL 2012" and a list of links to pointless Youtube videos and questionable articles as valid sources along with the usual "You don't know the truth" line.

I am a conservative libertarian. I support limited government and the free market. I'm well aware of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve and all the other Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty/Alex Jones talking points. I also am a believer in defending this country! And for that simple fact, I will never side with you. Regardless of if I believe in conspiracy theories or not, I would rather live my life in happiness and honor supporting this country, instead of seeing a conspiracy around every corner and flying my American flag upside down!

Oh yeah, and I don't hate Jews.


Eric Dondero said...

Hack, you are way off. That doesn't make you a "NeoCon"; it makes you a Pro-Defense libertarian as opposed to Paul who is an Anti-Defense libertarian. NeoCons are a totally different breed of animal.

Anonymous said...

"If the Founding Fathers were here today, they would most certainly go to war with the Islamic extremists who show deliberate intention to bring us to ruin."

Would they also be for permanent bases in South Korea, Germany, Spain, and Japan? Would they be supportive of spending billions upon billions of dollars of the taxpayers money to protect other nations?

Look, while I agree with going after Jihadists, I don't like spending billions on protecting other countries.

DeanO said...

Hack - I knew you didn't hate Jews. Great thought in your article - it opened my eyes a bit wider and for the good.

Anonymous said...

USA has its military presence in alot of foreign countries backing up a you will do as America says mentality cos we are the only ones that are right.
Dont you think that attitude might just annoy a few countries. Its like the big USA bully imposes itself on the world playground...and what happens in the playground eventually every one gets annoyed with the bully and does him/her over.

A few Islam types have got together to deal to the bully.
If the bully was a better person in the first place there would be no fight.
Ron Paul is incredibly right on this issue. USA cant afford its world presence, and that very presence is creating its own enemies. Its time to back off the scene.

Brigand said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I was an early Ron Paul fan prior to the 2008 election. I still get my campaign for liberty emails and do think Ron is a great voice on domestic issues. He says he is for a "strong" national defense... But his plans don't seem to add up. I could never support him for president.

Now his son Rand? Thats different, currently I feel Rand potentially could run well in 2012.

Cec Moon said...

A great post and a vital one. We need the "whole" package from potential candidates. This guy has too many holes in the program.

Hack said...

Thank you all for the input!

Anonymous said...

Look, I feel your pain on the conspiracy theories. It's a small but vocal minority of Ron Paul supporters who usually much prefer the rants of Alex Jones to the legislative updates of John Tate and C4L.
If you listen or read the reasoned RP supporters, you'll find their abhorrence to America's current foreign policy to be that it is violent, vindictive, and unpredictable. Most supporters of Dr. Paul believe "blowback" was responsible for 9/11, not some dark NWO "inside job" that Bush planned.
Blowback is a documented factual phenomenon and is a term used by our CIA to describe incidents that occur as an unexpected reaction to an action. Think Newton's Third Law of Motion.
Our government is not the only one creating blowback around the world but we certainly generate enough. In 1953 when the CIA overthrew Mosadeq, the Democratically elected President of Iran, that created tension which eventually boiled over into the Iranian revolution and the 1979 hostage crisis.
I could go on and on, but I don't want to write a blog commenting on one.
Ron Paul doesn't demand unanimous conformity of thought. He doesn't even expect you to agree with him on everything. All that he asks is that you think about it. What if our foreign policy caused 9/11? What if our support for brutal right wing dictators (err I mean the "free world") around the world has stirred up anti-American sentiment?
We should (need to) be able to have a logical discussion about these things. We have an irrational OFFENSE in this country, not national defense. The DOD should have its named changed back to the "War Department" so that we actually understand what it is they do.

Brigand said...

Blowback is a cop-out, so 9/11 was blowback for Desert Storm (where we came to the aid of an friendly nation), which was blowback for supporting a dictator in Iraq, which was blowback for balancing power between Iraq and an unfriendly Iran, which was blowback for supporting the Shaw of Iran, which was blowback for resisting Soviet global expansion, which is blowback, from stopping Hitler's invasion of Russia... ETC ETC ETC... Where does it end? Sometimes you have to take a stand, and if not us then "who"? I guarantee your not going to like the "who"... What happens when "who" comes knocking on our shores? Would it have been better that Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan were our planet's superpowers now, how about Soviet Russian? If it were not for our willingness to fight back the world would be a darker place. I can see trimming away some of the fat in the military, not trying to be EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME. But when we are attacked, to not respond and blame ourselves, invites more attacks.

Lone Wolf said...

With all due respect, the cold hard fact of the matter is that the "official" story on 9/11 IS a farce (google "WTC Building 7 collapse" for example), and the entire "war on terror" is a massive hoax.

While I don't like Islam or Muslims personally, they are NOT responsible for the 9/11 attacks. They were framed for the attack (and you guessed it, by the Israelis and their lackeys) in what is called a "false flag" attack. By the way, ever wondered why we are fighting all of the Israelis' enemies in all these Mid East wars??

Now...I'm sure by now you and your other readers may be dismissing my argument as some "lunatic conspiracy theorist" or "jew hater." But the reality is that I'm telling the truth, which anyone can discover should they question the "official" media/government line and investigate the facts for themselves.

I'll leave you with a few "smoking gun" examples which should open the eyes of anyone with a few working brain cells. Look into the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty navy ship by the Jewish state of Israel and the 1946 King David Hotel Bombing. These are two blatant (and now admitted) examples of "false flag" attacks where the Israelis were trying to frame muslims for terrorist attacks.


1946 King David Hotel Bombing


1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty