Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bears Packers rivalry lives up to its legacy yet again.

The rivalry between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers is perhaps the greatest rivalry in American pro sports in my opinion. The two winningest teams in pro football and also two of the oldest, most hallowed franchises in the NFL deserve and demand the respect of any football fan.

Last night we saw yet another barnburner between the two enemies, as always is, and I'm proud to say my underdog Monsters of the Midway emerged victorious. There is really no other purpose for this post other than to say....


(Oh, and I won $50 after everyone told me they had no chance.)


Fredd said...

Yeah, Hack, how bout dem Bearssz?

Only team in NFC undefeated. Yeah, the season just started, but I'll hang my hat on this record.

Looks like Lovie's job is secure for now. Two words for Lovie going forward: Devon Hester.

Cec Moon said...

One would think that a Bears win over the Pack would be assumed by a true fan. If you find it significant; there must be something to the Cheeseheads.
I do admit that the ending minutes of the game were very well played. Congratulations--see you in Lambeau.

Hack said...

Can't wait Cec! It's always a good game between us two. :)