Friday, September 10, 2010

General David Petraeus is an idiot.

I just got done watching an ABC News story on the whole Koran burning debacle. It was difficult to watch and keep the vomit down.

Apparently General Petraeus thinks because a pastor in Florida is going to burn a Koran, somehow that is going to make the Muslims hate America even more. Really sir? Are you that naive that you can't see that they hate us anyway?

It might just give them something to cry about, because they love to gather in mobs in the streets over any little offense against their cult of death. But it surely isn't going to make them hate us any more. Anti-Americanism is rooted deep within the Muslim world, and no Koran burning pastor is going to make it any worse!

If anything General, this whole ordeal should give you a little insight to Muslim behavior while we watch Muslims riot around the world yet again over a planned book burning that has yet to even take place. Just like they rioted, shot people, and torched buildings over cartoons. Just like they rioted and mobbed because there was a Facebook group they didn't like. They are inherently violent people following an evil ideology. Maybe you should spend some energy criticizing the ones gathering in mobs in the streets chanting "Death to America" instead of a little known American citizen!

We can go back and forth on this issue all day long. I relish in arguing this topic. The fact of the matter is this. Islam is the aggressor and has been since its creation. Islam was born in violence. Islam IS violence. Islam attacked the United States. Islam attacked Britain. Islam attacked Spain and Russia. Islam has reared its ugly head in so many places around this globe I cannot even count the attacks anymore. It is a daily occurrence. So I see nothing wrong at all with someone burning a Koran. America on the other hand. Yes, we've had our faults. But the United States is a relatively good nation which has brought more good to this world than any other nation on earth in recent years. Ask the people in France who pay tribute to fallen US soldiers they never knew. This is my view.

But you see, a person on the other side, liberals mostly, will argue the opposite. They will say America is a bad nation. They will always emphasize our faults to the point where you almost wonder if they actually hate this country. Many of them do. They believe America has done something to the Muslim world to trigger such aggression. They ask, "What did we do?" To them, the Muslims are oppressed people and have a right to behave the way they do. They never quite realize that the Muslims would gladly kill them, just as much as they would kill a conservative.

Do I hate Muslims? I've said it a million times and I'll say it once more to be absolutely clear. NO. I do not hate Muslims. I hate their evil cult. I believe they are misled, deceived, and in need of help. I do think Islam is an enemy not just of America but of humanity and should be dealt with accordingly. It is a global virus. It has caused senseless bloodshed in nearly every nation around the world where Muslims reside. To even begin to compare the violence Islam has brought to the world to the violence Christianity has brought to the world (a favorite argument by you leftists) is idiotic, ill conceived, and pointless. Do some research.

Perhaps I am intolerant, insensitive, politically incorrect, bigoted, raaaaacist, or whatever nasty term you'd like to call me. Keep em coming! I am proud to be intolerant towards a cult of death that does nothing but murder people worldwide! It means I WON'T TOLERATE such actions. How awful!

Which brings me back to the General. Instead of highlighting the awful horrors of the Taliban, and the Muslim crazies we are fighting against in the theater of war, he criticizes this pastor. His mindset is..."If we offend them too much they will hate us even more and fight even harder!" What kind of mindless cowardice is this?

General Patton? Where are you???


Gorges Smythe said...

I guess the general was afraid that he wouldn't get his 15 minutes of fame.

A Conservative Unclogged Blog said...

I find it all nonsense, Koran burning...for what purpose? Will this event change anything? It will be symbolic for those who do it, but nothing more than a spit in the face to an enemy intent on our demise.

Shouldn't something be done which might produce a more tangible result....what that 'something' is I am not certain...but book burnings? Hmmm, that ranks right up there with witch hunts in my mind.

Anyway, is idiotic for Petraeus to think that even if the Koran is burned this will somehow bring on more violence....violence is coming whether we invite it or not....

I am growing weary of watching the double standard and eggshell walk this enemy Islam brings to my country...

Hack said...

I agree, the Koran burning will accomplish nothing, but I am still not against it. The only thing I am against is that this pastor is doing it in the name of Christianity, which is wrong. Go ahead and burn the Koran, but make it a political event, not a religious one.

The_Kid said...

This was a stupid move when it started, but now I say let's all burn a koran every 9-11 until islam is defeated.

There are no moderate muslims. It's a paradox.