Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MSNBC's The Grio: Perpetuating the Racial Divide

The other day I saw a TV commercial for an all black news website sponsored by MSNBC called 'The Grio'. Should I be surprised at this racially exclusive buffoonery coming from the victimized black community? Certainly not. It's all too common in our current time.

Check out the website for yourself.

The Grio

And what is a grio you ask? According to them, it is "a storyteller in Western Africa who maintains the oral tradition and history of a village or family".

To decent, fairminded, sensible blacks out there, I feel for you. How the black community cannot take this as a blatant insult is beyond me.

This is tomfoolery of the highest degree, absolutely and without question.

Every day it seems we hear the infantile screams of raaaaacism from the left towards the right. Or from the left towards anyone who does not adopt their principles of governance. When in reality, the vast majority of racial division is generated from the left! The above website is a prime example. We can throw the NAACP, BET, Black Caucus, United Negro College Fund, etc in there as well.

Minorities in this country have free reign to do whatever they want when it comes to race. Why? More people should stand up and call out the black community for this nonsense. If they really want unity and equality then they will quit acting like immature children, man up, and consider themselves equal among other colors of people instead of constantly climbing up into the tree house and saying "no girls allowed!".

It's an absolute disgrace when a person of European decent cannot say even the slightest word of praise for their color but for people with darker skin it is actually encouraged by our society. Not only is it wrong, but its hurtful to black in my opinion.

You know what I get from this? Much like affirmative action, to me this is like telling a child they are "special" and require extra attention in class and elsewhere. That's all it is.

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Gorges Smythe said...

You're right on the money! Several years ago, I came across what perported to be an infomercial for a black college which bragged that you didn't have to go to class, take tests or do homework. The guy went on and on so much that I assumed it was a skit from Saturday Night Live or something and was laughing my tail off! It was hysterical! Slowly, I realized that the guy was dead serious and my mood turned to utter amazement. I bet some of the graduates of that college are now working for Obama.