Monday, September 6, 2010

Addicted to the screen, the current generation's infatuation with texting

The current generation of young people, of which I am a part, has become so relationally poor and detached, that texting someone through a cell phone has taken the place of actually conversing with someone face to face.

What is it with people and the obsession with talking to people indirectly as opposed to directly? Are we unable anymore to socialize with others in person? Have people become so anti social that they do not possess the skills necessary to actually speak face to face?

You know what really gets me? Teens and young adults alike spend most of their day sending text messages to their friends and significant others instead of actually talking to them. They text, text, text, set up get togethers, plan parties, and make dates...THEN, when they actually get to said social gathering/date they take their little box of all knowing wisdom with a screen (thats a cell phone for those of you that are slow) and text people the whole time while they should be having fun with the people they are actually, ummm, WITH!

It's insanity. Go out in public. Better yet, go to a college campus. Or a high school. Or even a popular young person's hangout. You will see what appear to be walking zombies, with one outstretched arm holding the all knowing screen of wisdom, eyes glues to it, fingers typing away as if they are trying to break some secret code that will save all of humanity. Many times there are headphones in the ears, so as to separate the zombies even more from reality. What's an even bizarre sight than seeing the walking zombies with the magic screens? Seeing three or four of them sitting together on a park bench or at a dinner table at a restaurant all with heads pointed down, gazing into their screens, texting away, and not paying any attention to each other. Many times, they actually send these text messages to each other, instead of actually tilting their brainwashed head upwards, making eye contact with that person across the table or next to them, opening their mouth, and using their voicebox to construct words and sentences to carry out verbal communication.

Even funnier, is when someone feels like they are in an awkward situation, or gets uncomfortable around people they instinctively pull out their phone, flip it open, and actually pretend to text someone to ease the tension, as if this makes them any cooler, or more sociable. This is especially prevalent in girls.

I think it's totally disgusting to be honest. And it's an indication of a generation brought up on screens (TV, video games, internet). Just wait. In 30 years, children won't even know how to talk anymore.


Gorges Smythe said...

I hear you, Hack. I don't know how many traffic lights I've nearly missed because I had to bring the driver in front of me back into the world around them.

Coco Rico said...

I've tried many times to get into texting but I can't give up the world around me. Funny post! I like your blog and will follow it.