Thursday, September 2, 2010

CAIR launches ad campaign to counter NY mosque protests

Muslim-Americans launch PR initiatives, promote Sept. 11 as day of national service

In an effort to push back against negative views of Islam and Muslims, grassroots Muslim groups are launching a series of initiatives to convey to non-Muslim-Americans that they are also Americans.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released a series of advertisements today that will run on national television, clearly intended to counter some of the furor over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero. In one spot, a New York firefighter who was a first responder after the Sept. 11 attacks talks about losing a loved one before announcing that he is a Muslim.

Blaaaah, blaaaah, blaaaah, blaaaah. First off, terrorism funding CAIR has no credibility, therefore anything they say I automatically dismiss. Second, I'm sick and tired of Muslims playing the freaking victim! I'm sick of it! These victimized Muslims need to get their collective head out of their you know what and try and think of it from the other side.

This should not even be an issue. Everyone babbles on about freedom of religion and infringement of rights and various other tidbits of totally irrelevant information.

Mr. Left Wing....Mr. Muslim...Mr. Idiot, get something through your head. This isn't about freedom of religion! It is about respect, decency, and common freaking sense!

I seriously question the motive of these Muslims. Do they not realize that the very spot they plan to build their mosque was a place where thousands of people were massacred DIRECTLY from actions committed in the name of their religion? This is utter insanity.

I don't need a front group full of crooks and cronies and terrorist sympathizers to try to convince me that Muslims are Americans too. I know already know that. We all do. We all openly acknowledge that there are plenty of decent Muslim Americans out there. We aren't disputing this so quit forcing the issue.

What we do have a problem with? Blatant disrespect and disregard for the events on September 11th. Islam was the sole perpetrator and to say otherwise is ignorance of the highest order. Do I condemn the entire religion and all Muslims? YES. Read the Q'uran and learn a thing or two. Study the life of Mohammad (piss be upon him). Learn about how this "religion" was spread in its early days and just how eerily similar the actions of Muslims worldwide today are to those of Mohammad and his gang of thugs. Learn about the sexual incentives Muhammad offered so that men would follow him. Islam is evil to the core and I will never cease to attack it.

The image of people jumping to their deaths from those burning towers will never leave my mind. It was perhaps the most horrifying piece of news footage from the attack. Thousands of innocent people were burned alive, asphyxiated, and crushed to nothing because some Muslims wanted to serve their God.

And now 9 short years later Muslims (peaceful of course, har har) expect us to have no problems with them building a Muslim mosque right next to the very place where so many perished horribly in the name of their cult years before. I don't care if it's two blocks away! It's disrespectful, PERIOD and if you sit here and try to tell me that I, as an American, should have no problem with a mosque being built there, then you are no better than the Muslims themselves who plan to desecrate that ground with their presence.

Unfortunately there are many misled people out there following the cult of Islam. Are they bad people? No. And I surely don't hate them. But I do hate their ideology and I think others should educate themselves on it instead of spewing forth countless platitudes of love and tolerance and diversity. Those are all code words for bullcrap.

No, I will not bow down to political correctness. And I'm not going to throw away my common sense and decency to satisfy the lamebrained pleasures of the left. I oppose this mosque. I will continue to oppose it. And I will support anyone else who opposes it, including any common sense Muslims who see just how wrong it is.


trencherbone said...

"Unlike churches, mosques are not places of spirituality, peace and sanctuary. They are quasi-military citadels and centres of subversion, intimidation and aggression...

Teresa said...

Excellent post!

CAIR is a hateful, anti-American, terrorist sympathizing group that needs to be disbanded immediately.

I will never forget 9/11. We must do everything possible to make sure that this mosque is NEVER built.

Cec Moon said...

We have sacrificed the lives of thousands of Americans on the altar of political correctness. To then further enhance this cult by accomodation of their desire to achieve world domination is the height of insanity.

As we fail to fully accept the nature of this "false faith" we proceed to dig our own grave. They have successfully demonstrated that they can use our planes, our buildings, our constitution, our sheep-like people, and our mutual weak response to bury us.

It should be obvious by now that this cult of destroyers has made giant strides toward their goal -- the total and absolute elimination of America as a benign influence on the world. Further tolerance of this evil must cease and their pleas of "peace" discarded with the rest of the denial which will insure our removal from the company of civilized nations.

Wake up America! We are under a cordinated attack which will succeed if we fail.