Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obamastruction. A wonderful use of taxpayer money.

Obama's stimulus package of 2009 was probably the single largest waste of money by the federal government in American history. Not only has it not helped the economy and barely made a dent in unemployment numbers, it has funded some of the most idiotic, useless projects I have ever seen.

I see this on a daily basis. Obama stimulus money has gone towards redoing our main highway here in town for a 20 mile stretch for the past 4 months. The road was perfectly fine before. But hey, it's giving people jobs, right? (jobs that will vanish once the stimulus money dries up.) Not only is the main drag under constant construction, nearly every single road is being torn up, repaved, and repainted for absolutely no other reason than to give people temporary jobs that will supposedly bolster the economy.

I am sick and tired of driving 45 everywhere I go, passing by half asleep people standing there holding orange SLOW signs and knowing that person makes 20 dollars an hour to do a meaningless job. Pure idiocy. Has anyone ever thought that maybe you could stick the sign in a hole and leave it? No, that would mean implementing common freaking sense.

So, I cannot go anywhere these days without putting along at 45, moseying on by people doing useless jobs with my money. Then, I get clever (or so I think) and decide to take a backroad to avoid the pointless Obamastruction.

Well boy was I wrong. Even the cottonpicking backroads are under construction here, with crews laying down gravel over a perfectly adequate surface. Of course the much glorified "American Recovery and Reinvestment  Act" signs are there proclaiming Obama's tender love and care for all to see.

But, what I saw today really took the cake. I was up in Aurora, IL today, a suburb of our great king's hometown, when I saw a patch of newly planted grass no bigger than 10 feet by 10 feet along the side of the road. What got my attention? There was an "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" sign right there next to it. Now if that isn't utter insanity then I don't know what is. Yours truly meant to get a picture as I'm sure this image could easily go viral but traffic was too thick.

There you go America. This is how the government spends your money to supposedly "help" you. $10,000 for a sign that tells you who is planting a patch of freaking grass.

Well done, Democrats. Well done indeed.


Anonymous said...

Talk about misuse of taxpayer money.. here is yet another one: Obama Offers a Transit Plan to Create Jobs = Creation of a GOVERNMENT RUN BANK.. QUOTE - "Central to the plan is the president’s call for an “infrastructure bank,” which would be run by the government... the notion of a government-run bank — indeed, a government-run anything — is bound to prove contentious during an election year in which voters are furious over bank bailouts and over what many perceive as Mr. Obama pursuing a big government agenda."


Tony said...

You had to drive 45! The horror. Impeach Obama!

Hack said...

Tony, you must be a union construction worker.