Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An interesting Youtube experiment.

I decided to see what the most popular searches were beginning with each letter of the alphabet. As of today, September 1st, 2010 here are the results...

A- alejandro lady gaga
B- baby justin bieber
C- california gurls katy perry
D- drake
E- eminem
F- funny video
G- glee
H- hey soul sister
I- i like it enrique iglesias
J- justin bieber
K- katy perry
L- lady gaga
M- micheal jackson
N- not afraid eminem
O- omg usher
P- paramore
Q- queen
R- rihanna
S- shakira waka waka
T- teach me how to dougie
U- usher
V- vanessa hudgens
W- waka waka
X- xbox 360
Y- your love is my drug
Z- zombie

I have just one question. What is our world coming to?


Fredd said...


Both you and I are reasonably computer savvy, but as a rule us Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers don't surf the web like the younger folk. The anectdotal experiment here, while interesting, doesn't really include the oldsters in your sample (for the most part).

You Tube is mostly for teenagers and lay about twenty-somethings who have nothing better to do, and I would opine that our world is not really heading to hell in that handbasket just yet.

It is heading in that general direction, for sure, but we are not in hell just yet.

Hack said...

Fredd, you make an excellent point. However, what will the world be like when the baby boomers are all gone and this current generation takes their place? I can't even imagine.

Fredd said...

The Greatest Generation said the same thing about us. They were pretty much right. We're virtually socialists, now.

The_Kid said...

I'm surprised to not see the wrestling foundation in there.

Hack, yea, the folks I see heading up the next generation of leaders scares the hell out of me.