Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Christine O'Donnell subjected to the ducking stool....

That's exactly what the mainstream media and the left are doing to her. For those of you who don't know what a ducking stool is click here.

Funny, I remember a certain Barack Hussein Obama admitting to heavily using alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his high school years. He also described his mentor at the time to be avowed anti-American Communist Frank Marshall Davis. But, who really cares about that.

His college years were the same, except now he was smoking dope AND blossoming into a well learned Marxist revolutionary. Some of his college friends can tell you about that.

Alas, non of this matters. It never has.

Now we have a little known Tea Party politician who said she was involved in witchcraft during high school and it's as if the Democrat party and Bill Maher's head are about to explode.

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Teresa said...

Bill Maher and the Left are indeed a bunch of hypocrites. Communism is there pride and glory, and they wouldn't dare care about someone doing much more than dabbling in that. In fact, they would encourage it. But, major hypocrisy is the fact if it was a liberal who dabbled in witchcraft they would be defending her to the enth degree.