Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watch out for Obama/Clinton in 2012.

As 2011 comes to a close and 2012 right around the corner, let's not underestimate the boy king and his hopes for a second reign.

As awful a president as Barack Obama has been in his first term, he will still get a significant number of votes because there are still many people in this country who are stupid. Many people who actually like him. And many people who still hate anything and everything Republican from the 8 Bush years.

An Obama/Biden ticket poses some threat. An Obama/Clinton ticket will be extremely, painfully tough to beat.

There is a lot of bickering, mud slinging, name calling, and divisiveness within the GOP as the Iowa Caucuses approach. As conservatives, libertarians, and Americans, let's not let the current infighting take our eye off the primary goal...defeating Barack Obama at all cost.

Whether you support the spineless, whiny WronG Paul, who blames America more than Barack Obama, or the Obama-Lite Mitt-for-Brains Romney, or the screeching crow Michele Bachmann, or even the money grubbing fat, tub of lard Newt matter who wins the nomination, we all need to support them in any way we can throughout the year up until election day!

Let's not forget that going into 2012. Have a blessed and safe holiday!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year

I Ain't Got No Blog said...

It seems as if whoever criticizes Obama's policies is a "racist"
One has to look no further then here, at what I found this morning.

Every time anyone says anything negative about this man they are accused of being a racist!
Is this what American has come to?
Is this what has happened to our free speech and our right to criticize and disagree with the way our government is run?
My God, what has this man do to this one time great nation in such a short period and what will he do if he has 4 more years to do it in?

It's frightening.

Pumice said...

Are you saying that a Pyrrhic Victory is better than a Thermophile Defeat?

Grace and Peace.