Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wall Street protesters are a bunch of lowlife losers

These left wing activists protesting the Wall Street "fat cats" are stupid, lazy radicals who are jealous because they don't make as much money as others. We've heard this same old cliche argument from the left wing before. It's really getting old.

"WAAAAA, mean greedy Capitalists make more money than me!"

"Those big FAT CATS don't deserve to make so much money. Obama please take it from them and give it to me!"

"RACIST Republicans HATE black people and poor minorities but they love the rich white man!"

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I'm sick and tired of class warfare politics fueled by nothing more than jealousy by the left towards the right.

These same idiots who can't seem to find anything productive to do with their time call for an end to skyrocketing unemployment and government corruption and in the same sentence say they support President Obama. How does that make any sense at all?

Get a job and make something of yourself you losers! McDonalds is hiring and so are a million other low paying jobs you could start at. It's called work for a reason! Join the Army or any other branch of the military for goodness sakes!

Pure laziness and unwillingness to sacrifice. They expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter by government. Don't buy into this nonsense they pretend to represent. Of course, everyone hates Wall Street behavior these days.

The Tea Party was started because of the Wall Street bailouts by big government!

The ignorant person would look at these people and the Tea Party as essentially the same thing. The difference is these people are collectivist in nature. They favor big government. They don't just hate Wall Street. They hate Capitalism!

"The Crisis Is Capitalism"

This isn't even a movement. Please. The media is already salivating over these mass idiot protests as if they were some enlightened new hippie revolution from coast to coast. They did anything and everything they could to destroy the Tea Party and the conservatives still organized some of the biggest rallies in the nation and sent many elected officials to Washington to speak for them. The Tea Party has shown its power. Why? Because Americans are overwhelmingly conservative and adhere to the 2 main values the Tea Party voices: limited government and low taxes. These people are for big government and more taxes! This little raucous gathering of jealous little Communists will wither away and die. They are nothing but a bunch of radical Bolshevik youths who think they are doing something noble and just. In 20 years they will grow up and look back and see what idiots they were. 


Anonymous said...

"Because Americans are overwhelmingly conservative and adhere to the 2 main values the Tea Party voices: limited government and low taxes."

Yep. Truer than true, indeed.

Good article, Hack.

Anonymous said...

i'm new to your site. do you have an opinion on how these people can get back to work?

Anonymous said...

Get back to work? Are you serious?
Look at them. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of them never worked and don't want to. they are just a gathering of druggies, homeless bums, college kids and spoiled brats that don't have to work.Some are there just for something to do or because it's cool.
We already did this same shit in the 60's and now its their turn. Leave them alone and they will go home just like BAA BAA'S black sheep.