Sunday, October 9, 2011

PHOTOS: The .0099% continue their collective toddler temper tantrum

"We are the 99%!" they scream. This couldn't be further from the truth. I'm sick and tired of seeing these ungrateful, lazy, good for nothing brats cry, whine, and poop their pants on Wall Street and elsewhere.

"Make Banks Pay!" ''Corporate Greed is Not Patriotic!" ''Give My Professor Health Insurance, Please!" ''Food is A Basic Human Right!" ''Bernanke Burnout!" are a few other slobbery gripes.

What a joke.

I will simplify this for you. What we are seeing on Wall Street is the product of entitlement America propagated by the George Soros, Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, and the Unions. The throngs of thug bums protesting are a mixture of anarchists, ultra leftists, and general idiots. Many, as we have already seen, have absolutely no reason why they are even there. Some of these idiot kids just want to be angry at something. But above all, this is the attempted left wing reaction to the Tea Party. The left has been itching to have a movement of their own to counter the Tea Party. With this debacle, they have failed miserably. Even the left wing NY Times is against them.

The irony reeks within these mobs. We continue to see photos of protesters with their Dell laptops, Apple iPhones, Northface coats, Nike shoes, Starbucks coffee and countless other products produced by corporations. Oh those evil corporations.

Now, Keith Olbermann has made an appearance to support the lowly throng. That should tell you something about who these people really are.

Good for nothing-lazy-BUMS. These people are Bolshevik wannabes who think they represent the "working man". Hardly. They protest "corporate greed". In the same breath they say "Make the Banks Pay" and "Tax the Rich". Who is really greedy here? They are essentially advocating the theft of money from one group of people and the transfer of that money to themselves. Get off your lazy butts, WORK, save, and make something of yourself instead of expecting someone else to hand everything to you! These people make me sick! A bunch of little kids with their Guy Fawkes masks and bandanas over their faces to mask their inner fear and insecurity. And the 70's hippies-turned-geezers thrown in. What a gathering!

To make matters worse, just look at their behavior. It doesn't take much to see the difference between these slugs of society and the Tea Party they so desperately want to overtake.

They storm museums by force. They trash public restrooms, hurl curses at said businesses, and their women dance topless in the street. They release their waste on police cars.

Just look at the photos.

"Find them, seize their assets." How enlightened! I guess that means even more lost jobs. Wait, aren't they protesting that too? 
Fake vets who support cop killers. 

Fred and Mabel just couldn't resist rekindling their old hippie love. Here's a hint...apply at Wal Mart!

A classy liberal woman. "Police brutality!!!"
Where are all the black people? These people are racist!

Look at those painful cuffs. Even more Police brutality!
and my personal favorite...

At least they're honest. 


Gorges Smythe said...

They've got a FEW valid points, it's just that THEY aren't the ones to make them.

Kid said...

There is a difference in protesting the Vietnam War and protesting the American Way of Life. There might be more to this.

But yea, their logic is so full of holes it defies description.

Fredd said...

They say they are the 99%-ers. I would estimate that they are the 19%-ers: leftist socialists who want something for nothing, just a bunch of free loaders.

I can say that I am Queen of the Pixies through a bullhorn, but that doesn't make it so.

Stupid hippies. Just get jobs and shut up.

SoldierofYah said...

The "occupy" protesters have been CO-OPTED and INFILTRATED by communist groups. And the Establishment mainstream media is portraying the masses of people as all going along with a socialist/communist agenda.

In reality, the people protesting share a wide range of viewpoints...and are not that different from the Tea Party protesters. In fact, many of them went to the Tea Party protests as well.

They share essentially the same concerns...that something is DEEPLY wrong with this country -- eg, huge unemployement, massive goernment spending, bailouts of bankers and the rich while the common people suffer, and that BOTH POLITICAL parties are at fault.

The absolutely crucuial thing that everyone must understand is that both political parties are mere puppets of the real "powers that be" that control our government. This is why no matter which party is "in power" things stay essentially the same -- ie, BIG government and big spending, endless wars, nothing done about illegal immigration, etc.

It all goes back to what is called the "New World Order" agenda, which is a plan by the Elite "powers that be" to advance the world towards globalism and the enslavement of the masses (which is why you see, for example, erosion of national sovereignty, mass immigration in the Western Nations, and erosion of freedom of speech and civil liberties)

Fredd said...

Lone Wolf:

Painting the entire U.S. political system with a broadbrush as corrupt is convenient, but not really accurate.

Just the last few presidents and several democratic congresses can and did create the current havoc. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd created the housing mess in large part, which is the major factor of the chaos you see now. One of the perps was an economic liberal (GW Bush, whose daddy eschewed 'voodoo economics', otherwise known as capitalism) and who spent money like a drunken sailor, and Obama, a flat out Marxist, who made Bush's drunken sailor spending look like a 4th grader spending his allowance.

These guys have goofed things up to a great degree economically, and to throw the entire political system under the bus may be a bit drastic.

You may want to take off your tin foil hat, stop keeping a look out for those black helicopters, stop blaming the Tri Lateral Commission for their conspiracy to destroy us all, and listen to a few of the true conservatives out there who are trying to fix things.