Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gender role swappage in America

Hollywood seems to have a knack for selling masculine females. And feminine males. Why?

Over the past decade there has been a growing trend in what I like to call "Shemale Flicks". By this I mean movies whose female protagonists as well as secondary female characters act like masculine Rambo style killing machines. Tomb Raider, Jonah Hex, Salt, Aeon Flux, Wanted, Elektra, Sucker Punch, Hanna, Dead or Alive. Even films like Avatar and Iron Man 2 entertain us with females who behave as men.

It doesn't stop at Hollywood. Spend twenty minutes watching commercials on TV and you will notice the same trend, sometimes subtle, sometimes not. Women are consistently portrayed as large and in charge, while men retreat into the background of her dominance. A man is never in charge of his household. The woman always does the talking, and is the one doing the decision making while the timid husband follows her around.

Our society has become so strangled by the doctrine of ultra-lib feminism, it has blurred the lines between male and female to the point where it is acceptable, and encouraged, for females to act like males, and vice versa. God forbid Hollywood create a movie where men are the protectors of women! That would be insulting to females! They can just as easily defend themselves from a home intruder with a machete!

I can't stand watching films that show women beating up on men without breaking a sweat, while saying some cheesy one liner to exert her dominance. I can't think of any women I know who could punch a 300 pound guy in the face and knock him through a concrete block wall. Can you? I can't think of any woman I know who could slap a magazine of live ammunition into an assault rifle and return fire while calling in an airstrike to a specific grid of coordinates while under fire from 3 different directions while not even showing a hint of fear. Come to think of it, I can't think of any guys either, including myself. In reality, when put in action situations, the vast majority of women, even feminists who want to be men, would whimper and hide behind the nearest man they could find. Sexist? No, just fact. On the flip side, put the vast majority of men in a nursery with children, and they would also fail miserably.

I'm sick and tired of men being portrayed as pale, weak little helpers of women. Why does Hollywood love to see men take a back seat? Because feminism has infested it with their fantasy that men and women are completely and totally equal. Let's get something straight. Men and women are not equal. Not at all. Men have roles and skills. As do women. Men are better at some things, and women are better at some things. Men have specific desires and goals, and women have specific desires and goals. Enough of this nonsense from far left relativist ideologues who say men and women are completely and totally alike. It is an insult to both men AND women.

Back in the day, a man was someone who protected and provided for his woman. Now, such a notion, is unheard of, and even offensive in the liberal inner circles. That would mean a woman is weaker, and we can't admit that. That's sexist. Women nurtured, comforted, and pleased their men, not because it was their "duty", but because it also pleased them. Women have always been hardwired with a motherly desire to nuture and please. Again, the modern day feminist would regard this concept somehow insulting to women. A sexist notion furthered by chauvinist males.

It has gotten to the point of such absurdity, that women are now being considered to serve in the United States Army Infantry, a combat role traditionally reserved for men. Gender relativism rooted within the secular progressive movement has blurred the lines between male and female and it's only going to get worse.

Such nonsense emanating from the stinking ulcer we know as Hollywood makes me appreciate movies like The Last of the Mohicans. Back when males were strong and daring, rock solid figures of masculinity who protected their women. Sadly, now, such a concept is laughable. 


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hey Hack, Great Post!

I tend to agree on what you say but must admit I myself like strong women, not muscle bound mind you, but rather those who are able and willing to take situation's and trouble head-on like my Bride should I be at work or say,,die.

On the male issue you raise I agree as well but see this as design as I am sure you do. By doing this, the liberals in Hollyweird want to change any and all Resistance that comes naturally to males to dominance over them IMHO.

So far I see this working in only and strictly liberal families most notably in my daughters one and only one choice of a boyfriend of such a background. I did not take long for me to to converse with him as his handshake said it all! I advised my daughter to loose this 'individual' ASAP as he would depend on her.

It took 1 week, my daughter came to me voluntarily and said "Dad, you were right, he is gone".

When we teach our kid's, both female and male how to be what they are and what is expected from them in a real society, they do listen and that is the responsibility of a real parent.

Liberals on the other hand reap, as do the rest of us sadly, what they sow.

Eric Dondero said...

See Thor. Big blonde male is the protector of a fragile, cute little female. Great movie! A little far-fetched science fiction at times. But very good. And politically incorrect.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's all part of the devil's plan, Hack. But of course, that's blarney to "modern" minds.

Tom said...

I like my women the way I like my coffee, light, hot and strong.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed it too. Destroying gender identity is all part of the cultural Marxist strategy.

Kincsem15 said...

Ahh it's a wonderful subject. From a woman's perspective, if I may, I think you're exactly right... Women, should not be in a man's position, at the head of the house. Does that mean women cannot provide for their family? No.. sometimes they have to, but having the main income in the family doesn't make you the head of the household either. I think women have fallen into the Hollywood thing because 1) we've been cursed with the desire to have control over EVERYTHING 2) it's become a cultural norm of sorts. So we've taken what was once a good thing, equal RIGHTS, and made it gender EQUALITY. There is a happy medium here. There's a difference between a strong woman, and a masculine one. I'm what you would consider a tom-boy. I have my opinions, and I'm incredibly strong willed. HOWEVER. I have no desire to be the head of a household, I love the idea of action, but I have no desire to fight in the infantry. I would love to be able to stand behind and support a man, and I have always found the greatest happiness in making them happy. This whole gender confusion thing is so incredibly irritating. There's nothing insulting about a man taking charge. It's natural.

And by the way, Thor was FANTASTIC. I haven't talked to one girl, including myself, that hasn't drooled over that character... Hmm. I wonder why. lol