Thursday, May 19, 2011

Matt Damon in Green Zone: The most anti-American movie I've ever seen

Over a year ago I wrote a blog urging people not to go see the anti-American Matt Damon Iraq War movie Green Zone. Now, a year later and actually in Iraq, I broke my promise, caved in, and decided I'd give it a shot. Seven barf bags and three fist sized holes in the wall later my systolic blood pressure is back down to only twenty points above normal, as opposed to sixty five an hour ago.

This movie made Oliver Stone's Platoon look like a rosy, nationalistic tribute to American involvement in the Vietnam War. From start to finish Green Zone did nothing but demonize, tear down, and spit on American efforts in Iraq, as well as the American troops.

Matt Damon (big surprise there) plays Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller, an officer in charge of raiding supposed WMD sites in and around Baghdad during the initial invasion in 2003. Upon finding out the intelligence he was given was wrong, he decides to go rogue, disobeying orders while embarking on his own personal quest to find the truth. He eventually gets an American special forces soldier killed while trying to "bring in" an Iraqi general on his own. In a nutshell, this is Matt Damon's left wing wet dream brought to the big screen.

Throughout, we are entertained with scheming Pentagon officials, bloodthirsty and dark US special forces who take away innocent Iraqis with hoods over their heads, and even a bonus television broadcast of President Bush proclaiming "Mission Accomplished" while throngs of ignorant and naive American soldiers applaude. No wonder this movie bombed at the box office! Liberalism and anti-Americanism doesn't sell in an America where only 20% of the population identifies as such. At one point Matt Damon enters the infamous Camp Cropper, a prison in Baghdad where high value prisoners are kept. It just so happens I am stationed at Camp Cropper as I write this and it looks nothing like the way Paul Greengrass in all his enlightened, infinite, liberal wisdom portrayed it. It isn't a dark, American run concentration camp where prisoners are beaten and tortured by evil Americans while pro America propaganda is blared over the PA system.

This film is a disgusting piece of blatant anti-American garbage. Coming from an American soldier who has seen first hand the brutality of Saddam Hussein, I can think of quite a few things they conveniently left out. Nary a word of dictator Saddam Hussein was even mentioned. I urge Matt Damon to take a trip to Baghdad and tour the Baath Party torture chambers and then see how he feels about the liberation of Iraq.

Yay! The evil American helicopter has been shot down by the Iraqi freedom fighters!
The anti-war arguments put forth in this movie are piddly and insignificant. They cater to ignorant high school and college kids who get all their news from John Stewart and Bill Maher. Those same idiots could just as easily be swayed to the complete opposite side if a Hollywood movie was produced about Saddam Hussein's unspeakable cruelty. It's all the way the wind blows.

I don't know why I'm so worked up over this movie. It didn't even make an impact in the political landscape. But so many American soldiers have given their lives here in Iraq for the very cause Hollywood and Washington liberals like Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Micheal Moore, and Keith Olbermann love to tear down. They claim they support the troops. NO you dont! These worms supporting the troops is the same as someone supporting Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Texiera, Curtis Granderson, CC Sabathia and the rest of the Yankees roster while wanting the Yankees to lose (or saying the Yankees shouldn't even be playing in the first place). This isn't Fantasy Baseball here. But fantasy is the best word to describe liberal la la land.

There are words here I could say to the likes of Matt Damon and you if you side with him which are unfit for publication on this blog.

I am not here to argue in defense of the Iraq War, but I will say American efforts here have succeeded. We have done the world a service. We are overwhelmingly a force for good. Some people like to believe wars are carried out without any mistakes or bloodshed. Just like the character portrayed in the movie by Damon, those who released this movie while troops are still on the ground in the Middle East are irresponsible traitors!

The movie isn't a lost cause though. There is a good part in the beginning where it shows Saddam Hussein's palaces and Baath Party government buildings getting blown to bits by American bombing. Naturally, Greengrass strategically shows innocent women and children screaming and running for their lives from the evil American bombs! I dismissed that and was thoroughly entertained knowing the evil government of Saddam Hussein was getting annihilated by our righteous justice, WMDs or not!


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