Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whose ready for some big wins tonight???

It's gonna be a great day in American history.

Looks like hope is finally making a comeback!


Anonymous said...

Everyone was so absorbed with the election they didn't have time to comment back on your post, I see. I saw your note on this then, too. YES, it was historic.. the FIRST ROUND of many to come.

One of the battles to engage NEXT:

DEM NIGHTMARE– 21 Pro-Obama Senators Up For Reelection in 2012


tha malcontent said...

Ready? I've been ready all month.

Mark @ Israel said...

The elections turned out to be amazing. People went out and expressed what was in their minds all along. They have rejected the Democrats and Obama and are now ready for a new chapter in government. May this bring out the best for all of us.