Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck 828 Restoring Honor Rally! Massive crowds already. Updates every 15 minutes!

It is 10:30 eastern time and I'm watching the Glenn Beck rally online at .

Already there seems to be a massive crowd, and 85,000 more watching online.

Somehow, I wonder what Barack Obama is thinking deep down about this rally. Its entire character seems to be the antithesis of everything Barack Obama is. Faith. Military. Conservatism. And honor of course, nothing Barack Obama would know about. And to see his adversary Glenn Beck display his power in such success on the national stage has to be a thorn in his side. The rally takes numbers 1,2, and 7 at Google Trends at the present moment.

More details and pictures of the rally to follow...


10:47 ET- 92,000 viewers watching online. Estimated 500,000 at the rally. And Sarah Palin is speaking. Blegh. Talk about a buzzkill.

10:58 ET- 98,000 viewers online. Glenn Beck just spoke. Now giving out his faith, hope, and charity medals. I hear St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa and slugger Albert Pujols are on hand. They just earned a load of respect from this Cubs fan.

11:08 ET- 104,000 viewers online. As I watch here on the live stream I'm seeing some idiotic comments from people such as...America was not founded on religion. Is that why God is mentioned in nearly every political document the Founders wrote? What a tard. Now listening to an amazing speech by a Native American PATRIOT who puts faith in Christ, honor, and love for America above all else. That was encouraging.

11:09 ET- Just introduced pastor CL Jackson to the theme song of Fanfare for the Common Man! Talk about chills. Is the Tea Party still racist? Or is CL Jackson just an "Uncle Tom"?

11:17 ET- 108,000 viewers online. CL Jackson just gave an amazing speech on Christianity and faith in God. That man is an American hero!

11:21 ET- Tony LaRussa just introduced to announce the medal for Hope. So happy to see him there, even if I hate his team! The rally now has numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 on Google Trends!

11:28 ET- 111,000 watching online. Albert Pujols introduced as the medal winner for Hope. Talk about inspiring. Listening to him speak was amazing! Just read a great comment from a viewer: "Pujols mentioned Jesus more times in a few minutes than Reverend Al (Sharpton) will all day." So true.

11:39 ET- 115,000 viewers online. Emma Houston just announced to speak for Jon Huntsman Sr. for winner of Charity. A lot of minority speakers here. I think it's a great thing! The libs must be squirming like a worm on a fishhook!

11:42 ET- Well done Emma! "We shall rejoice!" I'm sure God is looking down on this wonderful gathering and smiling.

11:45 ET- Glenn Beck is kissing MLK's butt. You do know he was a communist revolutionary right Glenn? I will never have respect for Micheal King. The only part of this rally I do not like so far.

11:50 ET- 117,000 online. King's niece and now Alvedica Tucker singing! Uh oh libs! Not so whitewashed is it!

11:53 ET- That was some of the worst singing I've ever heard. Sounded like a cross between a broken violin and an adolescent singing karaoke. Oh, well it's the thought and words that count!

11:57 ET- 119,000 viewers online. Not digging this whole 'Southern Baptist' thing. Just too cheesy and fake.

12:04 ET- King's niece is giving a nice speech about unity and her uncle. She's saying a lot of good things. Dr. Alveda King is a great American!

1:05 ET- 128,000 viewers online. Glenn Beck closing out the rally with a rousing speech. The rally holds spots 1,2,3,4,5,7, and 10 on Google Trends! Conservative power at its finest.

1:10 ET- Amazing Grace with bagpipes. A wonderful end to a divine inspired gathering which will be remembered as a historical moment in American history!

1:14 ET- Restoring Honor rally now holds spots 1 through 8 on Google Trends.

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