Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heated Ground Zero Mosque Debate at Restoring Honor Rally

I stumbled upon this video of a heated exchange between an absolute moron who thinks he's a reporter, and a well educated woman attending the rally. Enjoy...

I dug a little deeper to find out who this guy is. I found his Youtube Channel here. And here is his website, SumofChange.com.

Being the educated reader you are for viewing this blog in the first place, I will let you stroll around through the Sum of Change website, and decide for yourself just what side of the political spectrum they are on. Hint: CHANGE *cough* *cough*

This little man with the girly voice and feminine posture took it upon himself to attend both Al Sharpton and Glenn Beck's rallies that day.

He interviewed people at Sharpton's rally like this man, and had not a word of objection.

There stands Mr. Liberal Girly Man, behind his microphone and camera, nodding in smug approval while an ignorant man trashes the Patriots of the Revolution. Unbelievable. (Compare the above video to this one, where he continues to interrupt and challenge a mild mannered guy who tries to have a civilized discussion with him about Social Security...)

Along he goes to the Restoring Honor Rally.

"I'm going to catch some of these hateful, racist, white Teabaggers!" he says to himself.

And then he gets bitchslapped by an educated woman about the Ground Zero mosque. And after that, he gets his ass handed to him by this guy...

The End.

Moral of the story? Liberalism is a metal disorder, period. And all liberals can do to argue a point is stutter and run around like a chicken with their head cut off. Why? Because their viewpoints are hollow, their logic thin, and their grasp on reality non existent!

Good job "infiltrating" the Tea Party idiot!


The Conservative Lady said...

Terrific post. You're right about liberalism being a mental disorder.
And what the heck was that guy talking about with the tea party and the Indians?

Kid said...

It is painful to think people cannot understand this situation.

At least bloomberg is doing it for money. These morons are just stupid beyond words.