Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lindsay Lohan poses as Jesus for French fashion magazine


If this isn't blasphemy of the highest order, then I don't know what is. Mimicking Jesus is one thing. Lindsay Lohan of all people doing it takes it to a whole new level of shame.

I try my best to refrain from posting insignificant "tabloid" type posts on here about Hollywood celebrities but sometimes I just cannot control myself. The godlessness and arrogance that pervades Hollywood is unmatched in today's world.  They are like the modern day equivalent of the ancient builders of the Tower of Babel. It'd be nice if God could jumble their speech like he did in the Old Testament. Wouldn't that be entertaining! Oh wait, half of Hollywood, including Lohan is half baked and unable to speak clearly anyway. Nevermind.

I think Hollywood needs a makeover. Like a 1200 kiloton B83 nuke warhead dropped right in the heart of Burbank. I'd be more than willing to give up watching crappy liberal movies like Avatar to see the end of Hollywood and the vanity it produces.


Left Coast Rebel said...

this is absurd, I am ashamed that I reside in the same state as these people. You should use more culturally relevant 'tabloid' stuff - it's a good way to get some readership outside of the conservative blogoshpere.

Hack said...

Good tip! And I think California is still a wonderful state, outside Hollywood, San Fransicko, and Sacramento.

Timeshare Jake said...

There is a place for these people, but there's always hope too.

Ron Russell said...

Hollywood always seems to reflect values contrary to traditional norms and delight in making fun of deeply held beliefs--for this they should be condemned. Often I think they believe they are being cute and different---they need attention and they feel actions like this gain them that! That's a big boy you would drop on them, not of the Hiroshima varity.

Endo said...

Jumbling their speech might actually make them coherent!

As to California, they did elect Pelosi and the Governator! What did you expect?