Thursday, February 9, 2012

Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti quits because of Christian beliefs

Kylie Bisutti left lingerie modeling because it didn't mesh with her Christian values

This is indeed a rarity in modern day pop culture. Celebrities who consistently openly profess their faith are few and far between (Tim Tebow and Josh Hamilton are the only two big names I can come up with) but to see someone turn down a career is something altogether unheard of.

Even more so, the disregard for bowing down to the post modern feminist agenda by Mrs. Bisutti is not just shocking. It is refreshing and encouraging.

"Growing in my relationship with the Lord and my faith… I just became so convicted about wanting to honor my husband with my body and wanting to be a role model for younger women out there that look up to me," Kylie explained.

"I'm definitely going to pursue modeling," she said. "I just want to be more wholesome and the jobs that I choose are always going to be honoring the Lord."

Of course, these inflammatory and sexist comments have feminists from coast to coast in an uproar. Such destructive and Puritan language hurts and suppresses women!

This viewpoint can best be summed up in one reader comment:

I’m always impressed by women who choose to put their convictions before their careers. —-really????? When a women gets divorced she has an 80% chance of falling into poverty. Women NEED careers. If the man takes a hike, how do you support your kids and yourself? MOST women…do not. She had a career and just killed it..for her husband. great. So, when the kids come, no career, no way to make money, and….she’s what….21????? No education, great. Let’s see where this girl is 10 years from now. Foolish to throw her career in the trash for her husband!!!!!! She threw away her ability to support herself. Not smart.

or this one...

But as time went by and her faith evolved she realized it wasnt for her.—-really???? Or as time evolved her husband became a jealous jerk who wanted her to give up her career and ability to make money or be independent as a means to control her. Let’s check back and see where she ends up in 10 years.

or this one...

Odd how she makes this move to “honor her husband” but never once considers the importance of honoring herself. Don’t leave the business for a man, leave it for your own self respect.

It is no surprise that there are actually people out there who would criticize her seemingly harmless actions. From what I have seen, most reader comments are in support of her, so I suppose there is hope for America still. But look around, and you'll see some vicious anti-Christian, anti-male sentiment floating around among the lefties and feminists who are just appalled at such a decision.

It is a sad state of affairs for some women these days. They have no concept of mutual respect in a relationship. "Honoring your husband"= Male domination. What was ever wrong with a woman saving her body for her husband? Have we sunk so far as a society that that is actually a BAD thing?


DeanO said...

I'm afraid we have Hack. A wholesome stance based on the word of God will always be scorned. I don't know why she was modeling for VS in the first place but I applaud her decision.

Pumice said...

Thirty two years ago my wife had just been accepted to both USC and UCLA for graduate work when we found out she was pregnant. With no pressure from me she decided to shift course and invest her life in our children. I am sure she would feel it was an investment that is paying great dividends.

This lady has made the right choice.

Grace and peace.