Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No faith in Republican ability to win

Yes, that's right. No one these days, perhaps even more disgustingly evident on the Republican side, has any faith in the GOP to defeat Barack Obama this year.

Everywhere you look there's a pundit, a reporter, a conservative blogger, or GOP talking head that says how good Barack Obama's chances are of winning the election.

Look at the current state of the right wing in this country. It looks and sounds like a circus full of farm animals. Everyone thinks their candidate is best and no other candidates have a chance at beating Obama.

Since when did everyone decide to give Barack Hussein Obama so much credit? I give Barack Obama zero credit for anything at all, except for uniting the nation against him in 2010 and hopefully again this year. Sure, everyone is focused on destroying the other GOP candidates right now. Some people (Ron Paul supporters come to mind) even say they will sit the election out if theirs isn't the nominee. But make no mistake, come October and November, when a nominee is chosen, and the decision is clear cut there before you there is no doubt in my mind that this nation, which is a center right nation, will not re elect Barack Obama.

Everyone is so obsessed with finding a perfect candidate. Newsflash: There isn't one! Since when is there ever a perfect candidate? Romney is too liberal. Waaa. Santorum is too religious. Waaa. Gingrich has too much baggage. Waaa. Paul has terrible foreign policy. Waaa. How about you shift your focus to Obama. The so called problems these candidates have is minuscule compared to the problems our current President has. We can start with the fact this president is the most aggressively liberal president in American history. Then there's Obamacare. Then there's the military involvement in Libya. Then there's the war on the Catholic church. Then there's support for abortion. There's unemployment still well over 8% and the economy still ailing. The misery index is at an all time high. America has become more dependent on government than ever. Obama has consistently shown to be out of touch with America, throwing lavish parties, going on countless vacations, golfing every week. Look at Michelle. She is about the most misplaced first lady in history. She's fat, and her leading agenda is battling childhood obesity. She says things she shouldn't. Things even former press secretary Robert Gibbs couldn't stand. She is a full blown Marxist like her husband. Compare Michelle to former first ladies and the wives of the current GOP candidates. There is no comparison. But let's get back to Barack. How about more foreign policy. He has in effect stranded our troops in Afghanistan without any second thought. No support from the Pentagon or C-in-C anymore. Defense spending has been cut drastically. He treats our enemies with more respect than our allies. Israel hates us. Britain...well, you remember Barack's thoughtful gift to the Queen. Russia and China are teaming up with Iran and Venezuela. They laugh at us. How about Obama's war on the states? The suing of Arizona will be a big hole to dig out of come election time. We could go on and on. Obama has given our side so much ammunition this election, it is laughable.

Of course, this November there will be throngs of idiot liberals, lifetime Democrats, ignorant senior citizens and college students, blacks, and a handful of independents who vote again for Obama. It will be a fairly close election I think. But don't forget, this is a center right nation. And this center right nation, and a religious nation whether you accept that fact or not, has endured 4 years of the most destructive, liberal, secular rule in American history. Do you honestly think, when the choice is clear, and the ballot is in front of the American people in September, October, and eventually November that Barack Obama will get the majority of the votes? I think not. In fact, I am supremely confident that whoever the Republican nominee is, they will beat him.

Look at the swing states. Obama's support in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana, Arizona, and Colorado is, and has been, falling for some time now.

Think about this. It is only the beginning of February. There is a long way to go. When the nominee is finally chosen, whenever that will be, it is time the center right bands together behind him. Because if this division, sour grapes, and weakness continues through the rest of the year, you can be darn sure Obama will win. I am confident that after that nominee is finally chosen, everyone will band behind him. Some will hold their noses. But the alternative, 4 more years of Barack Obama at the helm of this nation, is the scariest prospect of all. And that alone will be enough for the challenger to defeat him.


DeanO said...

Hack, sadly I am in full agreement.

Allen said...


I just can't see a Republican winning without having a candidate that contrasts with Obama, and I believe there is only one candidate that does. You can count on a Republican winning in 2016 as long as the U.S. doesn't fall apart because people will once again place their faith in a politician to "fix things", and that politician will be from the opposing party, just the same way Obama got elected. Additionally I think our government is reflection of us, so me thinks there is a lot of work to do with educating the public before things can really start to improve. I'll say this, I am more hopeful on that front then I was 4 years ago.