Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No more diplomacy in Afghanistan.

Things like this really tick me off.

Afghans vent fury over Koran burning, U.S. apologizes

I have been a staunch supporter of our efforts there since the beginning. But I have slowly come to the realization that our diplomatic mission there is a misguided and sure to fail approach.

We should have one single objective. Killing the Taliban. We shouldn't be doing anything else there. Zero. Nada. Zilch. No building schools. No building roads. No foreign aid for infrastructure. Because this is how they repay our generosity.

Protesters started to gather after Afghan laborers found charred remains of copies of the Koran as they collected rubbish from Bagram airbase, the provincial governor's office said in a statement.

As many as 2,000 Afghans massed outside several gates to the base, the main center for NATO-led forces just north of the capital Kabul, chanting anti-foreigner slogans and throwing stones, said Reuters reporters at the scene.

Both Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban in Afghanistan condemned the incident, both of them saying the values of Islam had been "degraded."

This is how the poor, helpless people of Afghanistan repay our efforts and blood in making their dunghole of a country a better place. Pathetic. Maybe we should leave their country to get ravaged by the Taliban again. Hamid Karzai and his amateur Afghan National Army made up of incompetent Gomer Pyles can fight the Taliban alone.

We need to redefine our mission in Afghanistan or get out altogether. I am sick of this namby pamby "win the hearts and minds" mission. I have went through this military training before in pre-deployment. It is a failed approach. You cannot, I repeat, you cannot effectively win the hearts and minds of a people so grossly misaligned, culturally and ideologically. I am a firm believer that their are no bridges to be built between America and the Muslim world. Bridges free from a suicide bomb that is.

The restricted Rules of Engagement, political correctness, and diplomatic mission in Afghanistan are making us lose this war. I am in full support of staying there and continuing to slaughter the Taliban wherever they are as long as we make that the sole focus, and not trying to win over the people, which have just proven here, that they don't deserve our respect or one measly cent in foreign aid.

USA Today reports...

The military official with knowledge of the incident said it appeared that the Qurans and other Islamic readings were being used to fuel extremism, and that detainees at Parwan Detention Facility were writing on the documents to exchange extremist messages.
He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the incident.

"Die, die, foreigners!" the demonstrators shouted. Some fired rifles into the air. Others threw rocks at the gate of the base and set tires ablaze.

This, this is how these things repay the lives of our fallen soldiers, who fight so they don't have to live under Taliban rule!  It is time to leave Afghanistan to rot like the garbage can it is!


Truth 101 said...

You're making sense here Hack. Reagan siad these people were irrational. he wasn't specifically talking about the Afghans but I think the connection is logical. Nuts who are conditioned to hate by their "religious" leaders to keep their minds off the real problems.

The time to go was long ago. Putting it off isn't going to make the Afghans like us any more.

Hack said...

I have no sympathy for these people. They are completely barbaric and uncivilized. They create nothing. They don't work. They do absolutely nothing to further humanity or improve their lives. We have no business helping them. Only wiping out the Taliban and al-Qeada. It is nice to be in agreement on something.