Saturday, February 18, 2012

More on sex, morals, and the culture war against social conservatives.

Because the empty Democrats and libertarians keep making this an issue I feel compelled to write more on this subject because there really is a culture war going on in this country.

I ranted a few days ago in defense of Rick Santorum (who isn't my favorite candidate by the way) against the constant attacks on his morals from the "if it feels good do it" leftists. Instead of ranting in this post I will provide some facts regarding left wing social thought and what the sexual revolution and feminist movements have done to a America. Since 1960, there has been a fundamental shift in social behavior, thought, and morals.

The DIRECT results of these ideologies are this:

Dramatic increases in divorce

Dramatic increases in abortion

Dramatic increases in sexually transmitted disease

Between 1960 and 1970, cases of gonorrhea tripled among teenage females and doubled among teenage males.  Cases of gonorrhea and salpingitis peaked in the mid 1970s among both males and females.

Strange how these numbers parallel the sexual revolution and feminist movements perfectly. This is too easy!

Dramatic increases in single motherhood

How about this one....
Dramatic increases in child abuse

Dramatic increases in violent crime

You get the point. We could go over these graphs all day long. The point is, on any given social issue, you see the crumbling of society paralleling the rise of liberal social thought. Today, in 2012, these social issues are again at the forefront of the debate, and people like Rick Santorum who voices strongly in support of abstinence among unmarried teens, against abortion, against homosexuality, and in favor of traditional marriage as it was pre-1965 are painted as religious nutjobs who want to take our country backwards to the Dark Ages. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. In fact, if anything has taken us backwards as a society, it is the "if it feels good do it" mentality championed by the left and the libertarians. I'd like to say, we are living in the Dark Ages right now. The numbers speak for themselves.

Attitudes towards divorce, marriage, and sexuality have changed drastically in our country since the early 1960s.

This paper provides some very interesting facts.

In the early twentieth century most Americans took wedding vows literally and
saw marriage as a lifetime commitment. Divorces were almost as rare as nonmarital births. But between 1960 and 1980 the divorce rate more than doubled, and it has remained high ever since. Thornton (1989) demonstrates that attitudes toward divorce changed dramatically between the early 1960s and the mid 1970s. In 1962, only half of all respondents disagreed with a statement suggesting that parents who don’t get along should stay together for the children. By 1977, over 80% disagreed. Attitudes have changed little since the 1970s.

Premarital sex:
In the early 1960s roughly half of all twenty-five year old women had had
sexual intercourse before they married. By the late 1980s five out of six had done so. Moral judgments about premarital sex changed in much the same way. In early 1960s roughly threequarters of American adults thought that premarital sex was wrong. By the 1980s only a third of adults thought that premarital sex was “always” or “almost always” wrong.

These changing attitudes on morality directly affect our nation and our children. The rate of fatherless children in 1960 was 17%. In 1990 it had risen to 36%. Our country still suffers from a fatherless home epidemic that makes ripples into future generations.

Look at these statistics that the feminist liberals who think a woman can do it all don't want you to see.
-63% of youth suicides from fatherless homes
-85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes
-Fatherless children are twice as likely to end up in jail
-71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes
on and on and on....

Wow, feminism really has done a lot for America!

This attitude of sexual freedom and entitlement is dangerous and the above numbers are a testament to these dangers!

Back to Rick Santorum and evil theocratic social conservative prudes. I would like to point out something Rick Santorum has been really chastised for. His 3 Ways to Avoid Poverty. They are...
1) Complete high school
2) Don't get pregnant until you are married
3) Work full time

How controversial these things are. My goodness. Honestly, how can you attack someone for outlining the above facts? I hear these criticisms aimed at social conservatives day in and day out, not only from liberals but from fellow "conservative" bloggers as well, particularly those leaning on the far, almost left, libertarian side. Mostly, this facet of the GOP is secular. They view social conservatives as backwards, Bible belt theocrats who want to impose Christianity upon the rest of the country. This couldn't be further from the truth. Christianity and religion has absolutely nothing to do with this. Basic human morality and decency does. Some of these libertarians regularly spout that a president like Rick Santorum, because he believes in morality, will bring about a tyrannical theocracy that forces every citizen to own a Bible, forces every citizen to go to church, and forces every citizen to refrain from any sexual activity whatsoever. It is almost laughable.

I digress. The facts are the facts. And the facts side with social conservatives. Not with liberals, and not with indifferent libertarians. Indeed, there is a culture war brewing for the very soul of America. The only difference between these two polarized groups of the Republican party right now is that some people believe something should be done about the destructive results of the left leaning "sexual liberation/feminist" mindset, and the other just doesn't care. 


DeanO said...

Hack, America has such little morals and these graphs and figures simply put a stamp on the sad facts!

Adrienne said...

You must have been leaving a comment on my blog while I was busy reading your new post. I love the synergy...

I loved your original rant and figured a sort of second hand link by way of Fuzzi would get the job done.

Anyhoo, this is what chaps my rear patoot - when conservatives say to drop the "social issues" as though they have no impact on economics. How ridiculously schizophrenic can you get?

OT - but what's with all the blogs have these double word verifications showing up in the combox section (including you.) Someone mentioned they didn't know anything about it being added to their blog.

It's almost impossible to read one of the two words. It took me three trys at the last blog where I left a message. Just wondering if you knew about it.

I'll be linking to you after I've had dinner. You've done a masterful job of scarfing up the stats.

Hack said...

Yes, I have noticed the double word verifications and I honestly don't know where they came from. It's ridiculous how difficult they make them to read, even for my young eyes!

John Smithson said...

Great article. I edit a blog and this is excellent information.

By the way, The chart showing single moms and violent crimes, compared, bears out a second point. The ban on assault rifles ended in 2002(?) with no change in the downward trend for violent crimes.

The Conservative Lady said...

Excellent post and it will be linked to over at TCL FB.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Another fantastic post. This one I've not only tweeted but bookmarked for future linkage when I need the hard data. Thanks, Hack. You rock!!

Hack said...

Thanks Fuzzy!!