Thursday, February 23, 2012

On Q'uran burning, Muslims, and Obama apologies

A mere blog post doesn't convey the utter hatred and loathing I have for this President and his pandering to our enemies.

Let's talk about Afghanistan for a bit. This is a hopeless, barren country not worth a single drop of American blood anymore. This place is a brown skid mark even on the Islamic world where there is nothing produced, where people don't work, and where seventh century Islamic ideology rules all. Today we saw hundreds, if not thousands, of furious Muslims protesting the burning of their Q'uran on a US base. Not a word was said about the desecration of these Q'urans by Muslim prisoners who used them to pass notes. Instead, their fury is directed at the Americans for disposing of the, um--already desecrated Q'urans. Now they are flying Taliban flags. Now they are calling on all Americans to be killed. Now they are killing Americans. These are the people we have been fighting for for so long. These are the people our soldiers have given their lives for. These are the people we have built bridges, schools, and roads for. Well I have one thing to say....SCREW THEM! If we cannot even distinguish between the Taliban and everyone else in that godforsaken place, then it is time we get out of there. They can rot for eternity and suffer at the hands of the Taliban for all I care. I am sick of seeing our troops killed for these people.

So what does our Commander in Chief do in response to this? He apologizes to THEM. He apologizes to the people chanting "Death to America" and the people who are killing our troops. Now, I have to sit back and ask myself, is a person even as despicable as Barack Hussein Obama that weak and indifferent that he actually stands up and apologizes for OUR actions in the thick of this? I can't fathom it. Is there some secret advantage given for this extended olive branch to the Muslims who already hate us? Do people like Obama, Sec Def Leon Panetta, and other top brass in the Pentagon really believe we can build bridges with these people? I don't understand it. I just don't. And I don't understand why someone, even a flimsy Democrat, can't even just stand up and voice a politically incorrect defense of the United States and US troops, free of any political double talk. JUST ONCE. Where are the men in charge of this country? And it isn't just Barack Obama. Look at the Republican field. Aside from a few mentions from Rick Santorum here and there, and maybe one or two by Gingrich, I don't see anyone standing up and saying, "These MUSLIM people are evil. They need to be annihilated." They side step this issue of Islamic terrorism in the perfect way their profession of politics allows. Sure, they say "terrorists are bad, America good" in a safe way. Someone needs to get pissed off, stand up and say it like it is, without being afraid of what the already angry Muslims will think of us. Someone needs to stand up and say "Who was it that murdered our people on 9/11? MUSLIMS. Who was it that murdered hundreds of innocent schoolchildren in Beslan? MUSLIMS. Who was it that slaughtered British commuters in London? MUSLIMS. Who was it that blew up the train in Madrid? MUSLIMS. Who was it that bombed the airport in Moscow? MUSLIMS. Who was it that massacred innocent people in Mumbai? MUSLIMS. Who was it that butchered millions of people across North Africa, Persia, India, Iberia, Palestine, and China in bloody conquest throughout the ages? MUSLIMS. Who was it that attempted to invade the European continent in 732 and 1683? MUSLIMS."

No one will ever say the obvious but everyone knows it. It is plastered all over TV screens worldwide every day. We see the violent actions of Muslims murdering innocent people every single day, whether it is in Thailand, the Philippines, Chechnya, or Afghanistan. We see the merciless persecution of Christians all over the globe by Muslims but no one says a damned word. Do you have any idea the kind of absolute atrocities that are being committed by Muslims against Christians in Nigeria? Or Pakistan? Or Egypt? Instances of violence on innocent people by Muslims is as frequent as the call to prayer five times a day. And, counter to what some people like Ron Paul may say, they can be found in places with absolutely no connection to the United States or Israel. Like Sweden. Brazil. Russia. China. Thailand. India. Norway. South Africa. And yes Ron Paul, Switzerland. Are these the result of blowback? Care to reassess the non interventionist viewpoint?

I would like to say on a personal note, I have seen Islamic terror in the face...literally. I have looked terrorists in the eyes. I have physically touched radical Islamic terrorists who killed people. I have heard terrorists scream "Allahu Akbar!" and have heard the chilling sound of the Islamic call to prayer. And it surely isn't "one of the prettiest sounds on earth" as a certain Barack Obama would have you believe. No, Islamic terror is real and it has spread all over the globe like no far reaching empire in the history of the world has done. My personal experiences with known radical Islamic killers, including Al Qeada operatives, gives me more insight into this issue than I had ever expected and I challenge any other conservative or liberal who is a non interventionist and thinks Islam isn't a threat to debate me on this issue if they so desire.

This recent reaction to the disposal of Q'urans, both by the "moderate" Muslims of Afghanistan and by our very own President bring this issue of Islamic relations to the forefront of the national debate yet again. The choice is there before you for the umpteenth time. To continue ignoring the signs, turning the other cheek, and defending Islam is a dangerous endeavour and an ignorant one. And the apology by Obama today is absolutely no different than the continuing defense of Islam by Ron Paul and his following. Barack Obama's apology to Hamid Karzai and the outraged Afghans is an exact microcosm of Ron Paul's views on foreign policy.


DeanO said...

Good post Hack

Gorges Smythe said...

Not too many years past, our "president" would have been hung for treason. That no one even mentions the word shows just what a bunch of lily-livered elected insects inhabit Washington.

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We are on a very simialr page considering my Thursday post,,,