Friday, February 17, 2012

The next face in Islamic terror: Amine el-Khalifi

Federal agents arrest man who allegedly planned suicide bombing on U.S. Capitol

I saw the above headline and before I even read more about the story I made one accurate assumption.

"He is a Muslim."

Of course, this prediction is correct. It is always a Muslim. Always. And how many terrorist plots by Muslims is it going to take to wake some people up? Yes, I am talking to Ron Paul and his rabid supporters.

I understand that most Ron Paul supporters have a deep seeded disdain for Jews so it would only be natural to sympathize with Muslims, but when will you understand that our nation is at war with Islamic fundamentalism? How many of the above stories is it going to take?

Ron Paul has been one of the most outspoken defenders of Muslims, downplaying the threat with the fervor of an imam. America has unjustly declared war on 1.2 billion Muslims. Suicide terrorism is not a Muslim thing.
Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons?  Islam isn't our enemy. Oh, and my personal favorite...."Michele Bachmann hates Muslims. She wants to go get em'."

Is it any wonder that Muslims support Ron Paul in droves? Including Yousef al-Khattab, co founder of Revolution Muslim and a supporter of Osama bin Laden?

This does not surprise me one bit. In fact, Ron Paul's views and quotes on American foreign policy are almost identical to Osama bin Laden. Throw quotes from both men in a hat, mix them up, and pull them out and you couldn't tell one from the other.

In 2011, Muslims ravaged the planet yet again, striking in countries like Brazil, Russia, China, Nigeria, India, and Thailand. The result of American "imperialism"? 

What is it going to take to convince some people that maybe it isn't American foreign policy that motivates people like Amine el-Khalifi, but deep seeded ideology? Liberals and Ron Paul supporters routinely and vocally criticize "neocons" such as myself for demonizing Muslims. In reality, the Muslims themselves, such as the animal above, do it for us. It is too easy!


Pumice said...

Neville Chamberlain "supported" Hitler. That did not make him evil, just showed that he was a naive fool. Because he was in power his foolishness caused a lot of evil, so, for people with any sense of history, we should keep naive people out of positions of power.

But I forget that most people have no sense of history. Keep preaching.

Grace and peace.

DeanO said...

It's hard to believe Hack...a world with blinders, getting darker every day.