Friday, February 24, 2012

UNM student protesters interrupt speech on Israel, get "attacked" by old folks listening.

Protest erupts at UNM lecture Thursday

Nonie Darwish, former Muslim, and outspoken human rights activist was giving a speech at the Univerity of New Mexico regarding the Arab Spring when these ignorant pieces of liberal fecal matter stood up in an anti-Semetic, anti-Israeli, and pro-Islam outburst.

Some old people in the crowd reacted more than appropriately and promptly made them look like the whimpering, cowering, children that they are.

Good for this old man who did the right thing!

LOL! I find this absolutely hilarious. It is the same old story. Radical leftist youth brainwashed by academia "protesting" somewhere to make their voices heard! Wow! "Let's show them!" They protest in the streets. They protest in the universities. They are so proud of themselves for being an "activist", for trying to bring "change", for "uniting" the youth. They make a big spectacle in public, disturb the peace, disturb a public speaker and then expect everyone around them to sit back with a nice cup of coffee and nod their heads in enlightened approval. Then, when someone fights back and pushes them around for instigating the disturbance, whether it be police or this brave old man, they start to whimper, cry, and scream like little babies. "Rape!" "You can't touch me!" "How dare you!" "You're ASSAULTING me!" "Waaaaaaaa!" "I'm gonna call my daddy!" This behavior is so typical. You can see it on any college campus. These protesting Bolshevik wannabes expect everyone to bow down to their cause wherever they are. It is always great to see someone put an end to their idiocy and throw them around a bit with a piping hot cup of STFU.

Here is another video I thought I would share. The beginning of this video is of the protesters BEFORE the old folks lay into them. You can hear screaming, hollering, and yelling from all of them. You can also hear the femmie voice of one of the femmie liberal male protesters saying, "Islam is a religion of peace! Israel is a violent nation!"

Ever notice how the most radical of leftists are always in bed with Islam? They hate religion. They hate Christianity. They fight for women's rights and homosexual rights and then they side with the Muslims? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

For your viewing enjoyment...

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Pumice said...

They are just spouting the nonsense that they are taught by most of my fellow teachers in the public schools.

Preach it brother.

Grace and peace.