Friday, February 10, 2012

Facebook Parenting for Troubled Teen. The best Youtube video of 2012 so far!

Wait for the best part at 7:17!


Mark Adams said...

That was a great message. LOL! Even my daughter loved it. :)

Pumice said...


I would also guess that it is time that he as a father learn to hold her accountable.

Grace and peace.

Kid said...

That is beautiful. We are, as a country, raising some lazy slugs who think everything should be handed to them. The kind of people obama likes.

Tell ya what, we don't have Poor like we had poor and I was poor when I was young. Outside of some economical Christmas presents, we got No Thing that we didn't work for out in the neighborhood.

Tony said...

I have two thoughts regarding that type of parenting. I do agree that it is about time that his daughter learns responsibility regarding her actions. On the hand, what he did is pure violence though the message is good but the act is bad and it actually turns out to be bad. I feel pity and hate for that kind of daughter but I must admit that I too have troubled teens but as early as possible I discipline them.