Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to the freak show. Australia's Gay Mardi Gras Parade Draws Thousands

Thousands celebrate Australia's Gay Mardi Gras

Thousands of people in lavish costumes and various states of undress danced and partied their way through Sydney's streets on Saturday, in Australia's annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

The parade, one of the world's largest and most flamboyant gay pride events had 9,400 participants and 135 floats and featured the theme, "History of the World" a look at gay history.

Hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators watched the procession, led this year by famed transsexual model Amanda Lepore. Her sparse attire, festooned with precision-cut crystals, left little to the imagination as she perched on an open-top Mercedes.

One reveler dressed as Osama bin Laden led a group of dancing "Binlettes," who sported pink sequins and improvised "mini-burkas," which only covered the head. Osama's right-hand man, who identified himself as "Greenie," said the bearded leader was here to terrorize the intolerant."It's about bringing back the gayness for Osama: Express the flesh!" Greenie said. "He's been in a cave for a long time. Bill Clinton couldn't do it, George Bush couldn't do it, Barack Obama doesn't want to do it ... but he's come out today for the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras here in Sydney."

"Michael Jackson's Thriller Zombie Marching Group" followed a hearse through the streets, which the director and producer of the float, Gareth Ernst, said was a parody of the celebrity death cult.

"Celebrities are like zombies," said Ernst, who was dressed as Joey Stefano, a 1980s porn star. "They die and come back stronger, more powerful and more popular."

Other dancers were decked out in full Lycra bodysuits, red devil halos and peacock feathers."I actually came out on a float," Ernst said. "My parents saw me kissing my boyfriend on television. Ten days later I had a call from my mum, who only said to me, 'We saw you on TV.'"

You know, I could launch into a full blown tirade about how immoral, evil, and just plain disgusting these people are. But in truth, I feel sorry for them. Sorry for their souls. They need the love of God.

A friend of mine took me to a church tonight where a film was showing called Furious Love. It was one of the most powerful pieces of film I've ever seen. I saw the power of God consume some of the most unlikely people...demon possessed people in Tanzania, witches in Salem, a transvestite hooker in Thailand, and even a high ranking Satanist woman who was one of the "promised brides" put forth by the church of Satan...for Satan himself. Seeing such a powerful transformation in these people by the word of God makes me believe that even some of the most evil people, like these homos in Australia, have hope for salvation.

That said, homosexuality is an abomination centered around sexuality, not love. It is a disgusting, unnatural, perversion from the pit of hell itself and the day America recognizes this behavior as worthy of the term "marriage" is the day America has sold itself to the devil.

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The Watcher said...

They dress up like a bunch of side-show freaks from the Marquis de Sade's Traveling Wonder-show and then have the huevos to demand we accept them as they are and respect them for their choices. Guess they've got to demand such things, as their behavior doesn't command any sort of respect or acceptance.