Tuesday, March 9, 2010

500 People Hacked to Death By Muslims in Nigeria. Allah be Praised!

Christians flee after Nigeria's massacre

Christian villagers in Nigeria fled their homes following threats of new attacks in the aftermath of a massacre, despite the presence Tuesday of troops designed to restore calm to the region. 
As mass burials for some of the hundreds of victims of a three-hour orgy of violence took place near the city of Jos, survivors nursed wounds in hospitals. 
But observers warned that the government must tackle deep-rooted poverty in order to combat the underlying causes of the ethnic tensions which have seen thousands killed in the region in recent years. 
While troops patrolled the three villages where members of the mainly Muslim Fulani ethnic group embarked on their killing spree, residents of neighbouring villages said they had already received new threats.
Officials said more than 500 people from the mainly Christian Berom ethnic group were hacked to death with machetes, axes and daggers in three villages of Dogo Nahawa, Ratsat and Zot on Sunday morning.

Nothing like a little peace, love, and joy courtesy of the religion of "piece". Reminds me of the story of the Prophet Muhammad's slaughter of the Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza in 627 where some 500 Jewish men and boys were forced to dig a mass grave, then beheaded and thrown into it while their wives and children were taken captive by Muhammad and his soldiers.

Could you imagine Jesus doing such a thing? You see folks, this is what separates Christianity from Islam.

The stark contrast between the actions of Muhammad and the actions of Jesus Christ are shocking, and anyone with half a brain can see who represents the one, true, deity.

The religion of Islam has been violent since its conception, and while Christians have also partaken in violence throughout history, the scale of bloodshed pales in comparison.

Massacres like this are the result of a violent cult fabricated by the devil himself, driven by demon possessed barbarians who have no regard for human life.


Silverfiddle said...

Just another day in Islamic paradise. Maybe Danny Glover and Sean Penn can get together with Bruce Springsteen and sing a song about it.

Cec Moon said...

I take great comfort in the fact that these folks, being Christian, are assured relief from the terrors of this world and will be safe in a far better world. They have earned the right to be at the right hand of God.

My fear is for those who do not recognize the evil should be dealt with as the inherrent in the slaughterers. Any support for these purveyors of terror will be justly dealt with.

Hack, thanks for the reminder that life isn't all puppies and kitties and little yellow flowers.