Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A much needed newsreel update.

The past week and a half it seems Obamacare mayhem has dominated just about everything on here, both in the MSM and among the bloggers, including myself. I think there have been a whole slew of non related yet equally important stories that have been overlooked. So without further ado, I give you a long awaited Hack Wilson newsreel...

12 people were killed and at least 23 injured when the Religion of "Peace" detonated two homicide bombs in southern Russia. The attacks come just two days after Muslims set off bombs in Moscow subways, blowing away 39 people on the their way to work. Vladimir Putin has vowed to "drag out of the sewer" the people behind the bombings.

A new report says the dying National Basketball Association leads all professional sports leagues in diversity. Is this a joke? I had to read past the headline. Apparently the numbers factor in front office employees as well. Now that makes more sense. Conveniently, the National Hockey League was not included in the study. Afraid to give them an F perhaps?

Someone has posted a strange portion of the health care bill on the Roadmap to government microchip implantation? You decide.

Belgium has made a move to ban wearing Muslim veils in public. Brussels has the highest concentration of Muslims in Europe at over 25%.

PETA has wet their britches yet again over Mike Tyson's new show on Animal Planet featuring "pigeon racing." What did PETA have to say? Try not to vomit when you read it...

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