Friday, November 2, 2012

Yikes: Obama campaign spending money on MINNESOTA

RCP: Obama Buys TV Ads in Minnesota

In a move that will spark speculation about Mitt Romney mounting a late challenge in states that had appeared out of reach, President Obama's campaign has purchased television advertisements in Minnesota, according to an Obama source.
The source described the ad buy in the Minneapolis market as “very small” and added that it is targeted primarily at voters in the neighboring swing state of Wisconsin. Minneapolis television reaches Wisconsinites who live in the northwestern part of the state, according to the source.

Gotta love it. Those Greek columns are crumbling. For the Obama campaign to be concerned enough about Minnesota, or Wisconsin, this late in the game shows how desperate they are. All this talk of Ohio deciding the election is false. There are multiple paths to victory for each candidate due to an expanded map this year and a few extra toss up states. 

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