Saturday, July 23, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik was a RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN TERRORIST!

The Norway massacre was carried out not by Muslims as I had suspected, but by a "Christian fundamentalist" as the media has already branded him. No surprise there.

Oh boy, are you ready for this train ride?

"The suspect in custory was identified by Norway's national broadcaster as Anders Behring Breivik, 32; police would not confirm his identity because he has not been formally charged.

Authorities say he posted on Christian fundamentalist websites and reportedly held right-wing, anti-Muslim views. He was also once a member of the youth wing of a rightist party."

Are you ready for an all out assault on Christianity and right wing ideology? Because the wave of left wing hate towards all things Christ like is already coming, and this is all the ammunition they need.

Mosey on over to the left wing anti-Christian Daily Kos, where they are already having a heyday.

In online debates he makes his mark as a well-read, and one with strong opinions about Norwegian politics. He promotes a very conservative opinions, which he also called nationalist. He expresses himself strongly opposed to multiculturalism – that cultural differences can live together in a community. In one of the posts he states that politics today no longer revolves around socialism against capitalism, but that the fight is between nationalism and internationalism. He expressed clear support for the nationalist mindset. He also commented on the Swedish news articles, where he makes it clear that he believes the media have failed by not being “NOK” Islam-critical.

Oh no!! Christian! Conservative! Nationalist! Anti Islam! 

He might as well be a Tea Partier! The only word I have yet to see is RAAAAAAACIST.

Christian fundamentalist websites? I would love to see what kind of sites these are. Are they cult websites? Aryan websites? Nordic Viking metal websites?

Let's get something straight. This guy should have been dead the moment he was apprehended. It is too bad one of the officers didn't "accidentally" have a negligent discharge and save the taxpayers in Norway a year's worth of justice system grief at their expense. This guy deserves death, nothing less.

That said, I predict this event will be the primary source of ammunition for Christian haters worldwide for years to come. I can see Rosie O'Donnell flailing her flabby arms in her mudhole right now screaming, "Burn the Christians!". Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano will justify this as evidence that right wing "Christian" terrorism is just as dangerous as Islamic terrorism. Atheists who dominate the politics in Europe will do the same. Hatred for the religion of Islam and all of its barbarity worldwide will become instantly linked to right wing terrorism fueled by Christian extremes.

I can see it now, the lamebrains on the left...."See? See? Christian terrorism is just as bad!"

This man was a Christian as much as Adolf Hitler and Timothy McVeigh were Christians, though the names just mentioned are a favorite arguing point of the secular left when it comes to Christian vs. Muslim violence. (Look at history and you'll find both Hitler and McVeigh hated Christianity.)

Before we label this monster a Christian, give me some evidence he was a Christian. Did he yell, "Jesus is Great!" before he shot them like Mr. "Allahu Akbar!" Nidal Malik Hasan did before he mowed down our soldiers at Fort Hood? Did he read the teachings of Jesus, and base his actions on them? Did a Christian sermon motivate him to go out and murder people who did not believe? Where are the Christians waving bibles in the street cheering such madness?

So far, none of the above things have been reported. Just remember, he posted anti Islam and right wing extremist stuff on Christian message boards, therefore, this was a Christian terrorist attack!


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on information, but so far he appears to be a lone nut job. Some people are just crazy, regardless of what they believe.

Gorges Smythe said...

Spot on!

Lauras Letters said...

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Kincsem said...

Oh, of course. How does this not surprise me even slightly. This will only get worse as time goes on... I agree with you whole-heartedly.