Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My analysis of the 2011 SOTU address


Obama was the same old blathering fool last night as he has been for the last 2 years. As usual, an emphasis was placed on his domestic vision for an America similar to Europe and China. Praise was given to foreign nations while beating the dead horse that America lags behind in every which way. After some 40 minutes of mushy "we can do it" crap, the president finally (and reluctantly) reminded us, "Oh yeah and by the way, we are in a war somewhere (I think?)." While the toxic waste rained down on those in attendance, you could tell John Boehner already hates his job. The last thing he wanted to do was clap. And could someone please tell me how we are supposed to invest in high tech infrastructure to transform our nation while at the same time initiating a spending freeze? Laughable. Obama's words regarding spending and debt were like a convicted murderer proclaiming we need to lower the murder rate. Paul Ryan's rebuttal was solid. Let's hope he runs in 2012.

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DeanO said...

Great commentary Hack. I knew I didn't need to watch a repeat of the rhetoric of the past two years. I knew that fellow bloggers would give a much more honest and detailed analysis of the "State of the Union" speech. Thank you!