Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 10 Whitest Players in NBA History

10)Scott Brooks 1988-1998

The kid you waited for the school bus with in middle school.

9)Steve Kerr 1988-2003

An NBA legend and sharpshooter. Steve Kerr is enough proof to me that YES white men can jump.

8)Bill Hanzlik 1980-1990

Who needs tattoos and armbands when you have a stache like that?

7)Uwe Blab 1985-1990

Is that name even legal?

6)Micheal Smith 1989-1995

Michael Smith

5)Paul Mokeski 1979-1991

Dwight Howard has nothing on this guy.

4)Kurt Rambis 1981-1995

I take it back number 8. This epic stache is even better, and the glasses just add to a suave look that only Kurt Rambis/Rambo can pull off.

3)Dwayne Schintzius 1990-1999

Apparently the NBA Draft Board is now allowing teams to draft mythical one eyed beasts from the Island of Rhodes.

2)Brian Winters 1974-1983

Matthew 14:26-- "And the Apostle Paul saddled his donkey and traveled to Milwaukee where he preached the good news and played NBA basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks......"

1)Dikembe Mutombo 1991-2009

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