Sunday, July 18, 2010

Will Smith to star in movie as Biblical figure Cain. But wait, he's a vampire.

That's right folks. The obsession with vampires continues to ravage our society like a plague. Vampire obsession is no longer a simple trend. It is just that, an obsession, fueled by nothing more than lustful desires run rampant in American teenage social structure.

The Twilight saga was bad enough. I know too many people, young women mostly, whose obsession with Twilight borders on sheer lunacy and and absolute, unquestionable, obsession for all things relating to it. Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Aka, would you rather sleep with a vampire or a werewolf? It's nothing but supernatural eroticism playing on the unstable, weak, and susceptible minds of the youth.

We see this furthered by television shows such as The Gates and True Blood with a blatant emphasis on sexuality and love affairs, spiced up with the attractive additive of blood and murder.

Now, the newest appearance of vampire love comes in the form of a new film called The Legend of Cain, in which Will Smith plays the part of Adam and Eve's son who killed his brother, except he is, you guessed it, a vampire.

Not only is this twist unoriginal due to the already overplayed over dramatized vampire orgy within American pop culture and media, it is just plain stupid and doesn't work. Can we ever have a film made about history without some idiotic, childish, shallow 21st century twist on it that rapes the story? I doubt it.

I don't see an end to lascivious vampire cravings infecting our culture coming to an end any time soon. Might as well sit back, buckle up, and continue to "enjoy" the ride.

Remember what the great John Adams said.

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

I think we may have strayed from the moral path just a little bit.


Samuel Gonzalez said...


First of all I always love the topics you take on your blog. Great work, buddy, as always.

I used to write vampire stories myself, so I'm very aquanted with the genre. It always seems that vampire come in fashion every 10 to 15 years.

But, I've been totally out of the latest craze because I'm right with the Lord, again. I've never seen a full episode of True Blood because I have no interest anymore. I've seen it all before and none of it is original to me.

This Cain as a vampire isn't original either. In Vampire 2000 they had the original vampire in world hisitory being Judas the Betrayer of Christ. I thought that was a pretty creative twist at the time.

Hollywood is so terrible right now.m Their producing absolute junk-Avatar which we discussed before.

Come visit sometime.

The Last Tradition

Christopher said...


While I tend to take your view and a good view it is, this is a sign of the times.

If one steps back and thinks about vamperism then looks at reality they see similiarities:

-Hussein and congress SUCKING the life-blood out of society.

-Neither having a reflection in what they do.

-Doing their work in the dark so as the light of day not shine on it.

Again, the sign of the times, sadly.

Trestin said...

Maybe it's a subliminal plot to get people to embrace our blood sucking government, or maybe people are dumb.