Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2 civil rights groups sue Nebraska town over illegal immigration ordinance

2 groups sue Nebraska city over immigration law

We have moved from the inane to utter insanity. Amid relentless attacks by the left and other groups on the state of Arizona for cracking down on illegal immigration through SB1070 (which is actually supported by Hispanics in that state too, hmmm...) our country has entered into a new era of the raging culture war, with a new twist on race.

Now, the town of Freemont, Nebraska is under attack for putting in place a law that makes it illegal for companies to hire illegal immigrants, and landlords to house them. That's it. And what have we from the left?

People screaming cries of an abridgment of civil rights, intolerance, and most importantly and routinely, raaaaaacism.

It's a sad, sad day in this country when we mask the upholding of the law as violating civil rights. It crumbles the structure of society when "civil rights" groups like the ACLU put citizens and non citizens alike in the exact same category. When you break the law, you forfeit your rights, period. When you murder someone, you forfeit your right to life. When you essentially "break in" to a country, bypassing its legal process, you forfeit your right to live with the same rights as a legal citizen. How is this so hard to comprehend?

But alas, we live in a time and place when lack of objectivity, reason, and logic has drifted away and been replaced with relativist, progressive, cow manure with kindergarten level maturity, logic, and thought process.


What Makes Us Right said...

again, our idiot government setting an example for others to follow. when in doubt..sue..

Ironically, the government did not sue on basis of racial profiling, instead it was on the ability for states to override federal laws....they knew they would lose a racial profiling claim. If they sued and won on racial profiling, all criminals arrested in the country would appeal based upon the legality of probable cause.

Old Retired Petty Officer said...

For the "civil rights groups" I suggest the following. A Vigilance Committee. Problem Solved. 3-7-77