Saturday, July 3, 2010

A follow up on Ten Buck Fridays winner Anna Little

New Jersey 6 is a vital district. We must take it this November. Tea Party backed Anna Little shows promise! Here's a video sent to me by reader and fellow blogger RightKlik...

She looks good. Real good. In comparison, here is Little's foe, Democrat Frank Pallone, getting lambasted by his constituents at a townhall last summer for replying to a question about how in the world government can run the health care system if they can't even run Medicare and Medicaid by saying Medicare and Medicaid are doing just fine...

Said one reader:

"Thanks HW. On behalf of myself and all other 6th District swampdwellers, thank you.

The more you get to know Francis the more you'll understand why we're so damn rabid here and why Anna ran away with this poll. He is literally the male Nancy every conceivable way.

As far as we're concerned (and as far as Frank Pallone is concerned) it's "Pallonecare" from here on out.

Thanks again HW. We promise to do everything we possible can here on the ground to rid the Country of the progressive nightmare that is Frank Pallone."

Spread the word on Anna Little. This is a battleground not to be ignored.

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RightKlik said...

Very bright, very conservative.