Friday, July 23, 2010

Anti mosque protests on the rise

Anti-mosque protests on the rise, say Muslim advocates

Opposition to the construction of mosques has skyrocketed in cities and towns across the country, scholars and advocates of Muslim culture tell The Upshot.

Public protests against three planned mosques have made news in the past week: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined others in opposing the building of a mosque a few blocks from the World Trade Center site. Hundreds demonstrated against a proposed mosque in a small town in Tennessee. And some residents of Temecula, California, are opposing the local Muslim community's plan to build a bigger mosque, saying it could become a hotbed of radical Islam.

Professor Akbar Ahmed, the Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University's School of International Service, is not surprised by the recent spate of public protests. He spent last year traveling to more than 100 mosques in 75 U.S. cities with a team of researchers, and concluded that opposition to mosques, including some attacks on them, is on the rise.

"Everywhere there's a mosque, there's a tension now," Ahmed says.

Ahmed believes most Americans have little idea what goes on inside the approximately 2,000 mosques in the country, which leads to fear and anti-Muslim sentiment. Comments from public figures like Sarah Palin exacerbate the problem, he says.

Seeing as everywhere Muslims reside around the world there is tension, it's perfectly understandable that everywhere there's a mosque there's tension. Get a clue Sheik. What do you expect? Americans have little idea what goes on inside mosques? Why do we need to know what goes on inside mosques when we can see the daily activities of Muslims around the world every night on the evening news?

I'd like to venture, before I even do this Google News search this very moment that an Islamic terrorist attack has occured somewhere around the world within the past 24 hours.




Well whaddya know.

Terror Attack on Power Station Kills 2

You know, I think it's time Muslims like "Allahu" Akbar Ahmed here quit whining about people being wary of them. What do they expect? Instead maybe they could focus some of their energy on combating those who have hijacked their twisted bloodcult of a religion. Wait, I take that back. They haven't hijacked it. They are simply following it.

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I hope we get this thing stopped.