Friday, July 2, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays: Round 3, Anna Little

Little in name and stature, but big in heart, and a lover of the Constitution above all else! Anna Little ran away with the vote this week taking 42% while reaching out to Ten Buck Friday's voters!

 Congressional district 6 in New Jersey needs this woman! And your support! 10 bucks donated to the Conservative Reawakening.

Donate to Anna Little.


Longhaired Conservative said...


I'm also wondering why it is that you're not on the robot's blog roll. This has been fixed.

Hack said...

Thank you! I noticed the same about you, remedying that as we speak...

Longhaired Conservative said...

That makes you The Man! :)
Keep up the fight!

Russ said...

Thanks HW. On behalf of myself and all other 6th District swampdwellers, thank you.

The more you get to know Francis the more you'll understand why we're so damn rabid here and why Anna ran away with this poll. He is literally the male Nancy every conceivable way.

As far as we're concerned (and as far as Frank Pallone is concerned) it's "Pallonecare" from here on out.

Thanks again HW. We promise to do everything we possible can here on the ground to rid the Country of the progressive nightmare that is Frank Pallone.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for sharing the news!

Please encourage friends, family, readers, and fellow tweeters donate generously this 4th of July weekend. The Anna Little campaign will be providing feedback on total donations received under the TBF banner so let’s show them what we can do!

And don’t forget to put “Ten Buck Fridays” in the field where it asks for your occupation… That’s how they know who we are!

Now watch this video!