Monday, July 5, 2010

Upcoming interview with Congressional candidate Liz Carter

I will be hosting an exclusive online interview via email here at Hack Wilson with Liz Carter, candidate for Representative in the 4th district in Georgia!

Liz is a great candidate with a spot on stance on the issues. Unwavering support for Israel, a continual opposition to "Islamic fascism", and a need to secure our borders are just a handful of them.

Mrs. Carter is running against Democrat incumbent Hank Johnson, a man that must at all costs be removed from office for the sake of our country!

All of you readers are welcome to submit any questions you have for Mrs. Carter by emailing me at Only informative, sincere, and educated questions please! I will choose the best 6 and relay them to Liz Carter's campaign within the next 2 days. Upon receiving her answers, which Mrs. Carter has already enthusiastically agreed to, I will publish the final interview on here as soon as possible.

Fire away!

Liz Carter on the issues

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