Monday, July 26, 2010

Obama: Could be worse, so keep voting Democrat

What a piece of work this guy is.

We listened to his inane drivel about "HOPE" and "CHANGE" and a whole lot of "YES WE CAN" day in and day out back in the dreaded year of 2008. Now the boy king is saying things could be a lot worse.

What ever happened to the rise of the oceans slowing and the healing of planet earth?

He knows he and his party are in for a monumental defeat come November. And he really has no political ammunition anymore, seeing as he's screwed up nearly every god forsaken thing he's laid his corrupt Kenyan fingers on. And so, he pulls the Bush Card.

Instead of fulfilling his infinite list of rosy promises, such as being the most transparent administration ever (LOL), he resorts to blaming Bush and Republicans for his pathetic failures as a President.

Obummer will soon be a lame duck and he knows it. The only question is, how much more damage can the bastard do before election time?


Christopher said...

"The only question is, how much more damage can the bastard do before election time"?

This is why we need a majority in BOTH chambers, to be a stopper on the bleeding Hussein is causing.

Mark Adams said...

"resorts to blaming Bush and Republicans" They have been saying this since March that that is going to be their strategy come this Nov.
Blame Bush. And even Howard Dean said yesterday of Fox 'It’s all from the failed policies of the Rep and Bush that we are still in the mess.
But of course they have had a super majority for nearly 2 years.
I guess they think we are pretty dumb outside of the belt way.