Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Election year whoring: Obama to make appearance on The View

Perhaps the most narcissistic of any President we have ever had, President Wrecking Ball himself will grace the clucking chickens of ABC's The View (only one view allowed and that is psycho-fem libtardism) on Thursday along with rapper 50 Cent (to listen to wonderful 50 Cent music click HERE!) and comedian Rob Schneider. Talk about fitting company!

Leave it to Obama to set the mark for the first president ever to appear on a daytime AND nighttime TV show. We can throw ESPN in there too. And Al-Arabiya. As well as the first president to stoop to such a low level before foreign leaders...literally.

I won't lash into the boy king here. I've done that enough. He has already destroyed himself, and is continuing to each day with new levels of incompetence and tomfoolery.

Instead I'd like to rip into The View. They deserve it.

This show, if that's what you'd like to call it (I see it as nothing more than a glorified gossip-fest by extremely ugly women, inside and out) is perhaps the sorriest excuse for a television show in modern day America. If there is anyone reading who actually watches The View regularly, and finds "joy" in the incessant, putrid ramblings of Joy Behar, you are a scumbag of the lowest degree. Here's what I think of your irrelevant show. I look at The View and see nothing more than a bunch of uneducated dope women bitching and screeching and clawing and griping about important issues they know absolutely nothing about. I would absolutely love to see Ayn Rand in her prime go on that show and shred the living daylights out of each and every one of them. The entire setup of The View is extremely biased. We all know this. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, obviously the only conservative there and also the most attractive by far, is the only voice with reason on this godawful show, which is usually drowned out by the bitchly cackles of Behar, Walters, Whoopi, and The Pig when she was on the show. There is no fairness or balance on this show. It features the totalitarian fascism of left wing views and left wing views only. A place where Barack Obama can always count on receiving infinite praise and where anyone with a hint of conservatism can count on getting tarred and feathered without mercy.

Why is Barack Obama going on The View tomorrow? Why to swoon voters of course. Election year politics. You'd think he would shy away from such an unpresidential platform at this, but should we expect anything less from this stuttering, childish buffoon? The mere fact The View invites guests on like 50 Cent gives them 0 credibility or merit. And the fact our great President, "the leader of the free world" as they call him decided to appear on the show the same day the pile of crap 50 Cent is, just lowered my level of respect for Obama even more, if that is even possible.

The View is like a volcano of feces erupting and spewing forth each and every day, polluting the rest of the world with their filth. But what is worse than this perpetual, daily eruption? The idiots that mass together and stand with an outstretched hand and open mouth, hoping to catch some of the fecal matter in their palm, or if they get lucky, on their tongue. They applaud at any and every feminist and liberal outcry, even if they have absolutely no idea that they are clapping about.

The View will have its time for now. But very soon, it will sink into the deep, dark oblivion of Hell. Just where it belongs.

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