Sunday, January 15, 2012

Crooked NFL official Bill Leavy does his best to help the Packers win...

Talk about blatant corrupt officiating. Kudos to the New York Giants for silencing the overrated Packers and sticking it to the referees who did their very best to help Green Bay win. Especially Bill Leavy.

"Pay me enough and I'll make sure you win...."
First we have an instance where the Packers complete a pass to Greg Jennings and the ball is stripped^ before he hits the ground. Giants challenge, giving the officials ample time to review the play in slow-mo replay. The result of this call only proves that this official, or maybe all of them, have a hidden agenda besides calling a fair game.

This play was clearly a fumble and Bill Leavy, a lifelong Packers fan I take it, doesn't do his job. What highlight was he looking at? Either he is a paid off official or he shouldn't be officiating games if he can't make a simple, obvious call that even a 12 year old could see. He should be fired!

But wait. We aren't through yet. A quarter later, the New York Giants get a first down on a short run- wait, what? Why did Bill Leavy place the ball a full YARD and a HALF behind where the runner was down? Why, to prevent New York from driving any further, stop the momentum, and give Green Bay the ball of course.

Fast forward to the 4th quarter. The Packers are reeling after another fumble and touchdown by the Giants. The Packers have the ball, down 30-13, and Aaron "untouchable" Rogers with his little yellow dress get plastered on a completely clean hit on 3rd down. In runs Bill Leavy to the Packers rescue, calling a ridiculous helmet to helmet "roughing the passer", giving the Packers a fresh set of downs and new life. This coming right after a series where Eli Manning took a ridiculous late hit by Clay Matthews that wasn't called.

Bill Leavy gave it all he got, but it just wasn't enough. Well done Giants!

(this isn't the first time this has happened....)


CyniCAl said...

Dear NFL: As a lifelong fan of the NFL first, and a lifelong fan of the New York Football Giants second, I write to you to express my utter disgust at the officiating in the Giants vs. Packers divisional playoff game on 1/15/12. The unanimity of opinion against the head referee's overturning of the field official's correct call on the Packers fumble in the first half, and subsequent dismissal of incontrovertible video evidence that proved him incorrect, is strong evidence of a conspiracy and conclusive evidence of incompetence at best. The result must be that the head referee is terminated, suspended and at the very least removed from officiating any future playoff games. Additionally, there must be a committee of NFL officials in judgment of such a situation to ensure the correct call is made in the future. The reputation of the NFL as a true sport is on the line. I implore you to do the proper thing to ensure a true and fair result in future games.

GiantRI said...

Well put cyniCal !!! That type of officiating takes away frome a great game , and from aaron rodgers and the packers. they don't need crooked help ! koodos to the giants and Coughlin for fighting thru the nonsense to a great win !!!

Fredd said...

I'm pretty sure that Bill Leavy calls 'em as he sees 'em. As a died in the wool, rabid Bears fan such as yourself, Hack, your focus is on Green Bay losing at all costs, and I think your perspective doesn't allow much objectivity.

I suspect that Bill Leavy made a bunch of good calls during the game that went unnoticed by you. The iffy calls stood out like flies on a wedding cake to you, and accordingly you are calling for Leavy's head on a pike.

I'm a Bears guy, too, but not a Packers hater (I did not grow up in Chicago, but am a transplant). I watched the game - every snap - and saw nothing out of the ordinary regarding the officiating.

And I'm not particularly crazy about the Giants, either.

Nick C said...

I do believe that Giants where unfortunate recipients of bad luck of bad officiating, but on that note the rules for down by contact player state: any part of the ball carrier touches the field other than his feet or hands the play is considered down. Hence, if you watch the replay of Greg Jennings catching the ball, his sheen touches the ground before the ball is out. And that is the only reason I believe, the official was right to call him down by contact.
The second mistake was clearly the line ref didn't see where the ball carrier was stopped but if NY would have challenged the spot I believe they would have gotten it right.
This comes from a Giants Fan from NYC.

Nick C said...

The NFL rules of a player down by contact state: the ball carrier is considered down by contact if any part of his body touches the field except his feet or hands. If you watch the replay Greg Jennings sheen is touching the ground before the ball is out. Sheen is not considered a part of the foot. I do believe official did make the right call in this case. The second bad call of the ball spot could have been reversed with a challenge.
This comes from NY Giants fan from NYC. Great game nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I am a Minnesota Vikings fan and watched the Packers-Giants game as an impartial observer. Great to see your post as it is perfectly accurate in assessing the obviously payed-off Leavy. First the absolute fumble missed call, then the roughing Rogers call. There was no replay on the first down run where the ball was placed back a yard at least. There was 2 times Eli took hits that were beyond the one-step rule. Just made me sick to see our great NFL institution in the same league as China's police department.

Anonymous said...

CyniCAl - I could not agree with you more as I am also a lifelong New York Football Giant fan. The officiating display in yesterday's game was borderline criminal. Leavy's "place" as, at the very least, a playoff official should be no more! His first "strike" in the Steeler-Seahawk Super Bowl should have been enough, but this confirms his utter inability to officiate fairly.
You make a great point of instituting a committee of NFL officials to ensure the correct call is made in the future. With technology the way it is today, they would not even have to travel to the games, they could be plugged in at a remote location and "buzz in" when a display of atrocity kicks in like it did with the Giants and Packers yesterday.

Hack said...

Fredd, I am proud to admit that yes, I am a rabid Bears fan since birth and I wanted the Giants to win. That doesn't, however, excuse the awful officiating that everyone else saw too, including announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. The calls in question were blatantly biased. If they were made against the Bears, no I wouldn't be in an uproar, but I would acknowledge them nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

This day in age, with the level of scrutiny about the DRASTIC decline of officiating across ALL sports, this goes way beyond
your typical mainstream media patchwork of buzzwords like "mistakes, bad, missed, or botched", followed by descriptions like "unqualified, inept, or incompetent". These atrocities that happen to benefit greatly CERTAIN NFL teams and CERTAIN PLAYERS, are clearly BLATANT, done purposely, by instruction and/or design, and people need to start using common sense. When some things defy all logic and rationale by the pure numbers and can "in no way be explained", common sense says you choose the most probable reasoning. People are just too blinded and wrapped up in their emotions and excitement to call it what it is. Move on?....of course we all haven't a choice but to...but moving on to WHAT is the questions that begs to be explored. More of the same?

Anonymous said...

"Hence, if you watch the replay of Greg Jennings catching the ball, his sheen touches the ground before the ball is out. And that is the only reason I believe, the official was right to call him down by contact."

I think you're thinking of the shin, which is the front part of the lower half of the leg. Neither of his shins touched the ground. The ball was loose before his knee touched the ground. Simple as that.

Corey said...

Dear "Fredd",

You are either EXTREMELY biased or you are on some sort of drug that isn't prescribed. I am not a fan of either of these teams and I was baffled by the calls I saw Bill Leavy make. The fumble wasn't a "well in my opinion" kind of call it was a clear as day 100% anyone with eyes could see fumble. NO and I repeat NO there was NO question that it was a fumble. He saw it in the replay booth, the guy had it out for the Packers to win and he obviously did everything he could to help them win.

Anonymous said...

Leavy's calls were simply outrageous. Eli Manning was smacked helmet to helmet and hit late several times with no flag thrown by "Bogus Bill" while Rodgers was cleanly hit by Umenyiora and a personal foul was called. First he overturns a ref on the field and calls the fumble "down by contact" and then confirms the no fumble call despite visual evidence that anyone this side of Ray Charles could clearly see.

It's important that the NFL gets full-time refs before a real scandal develops. The threat of bribery always exists and is compounded when part-timers are making critical calls.

Anonymous said...

The down-by-contact ruling on fumbles is predicated that the ground can not cause a fumble after the contact was made.

Therefore when making judgmental rulings it must be a factor applicable to the play in question.

In the one in question it is clear to everyone but Bill Leavy the ball was coming out as the player was falling to and before he hit the ground with body parts used to define "down".

Mike said...

This reflects on our society as a whole. Oftentimes law enforcement is given some leeway as to how to interpret the law and its enforcement with penalties and fines. However, under closer public scrutiny by means of videos, cell phones and the internet, it becomes apparent that some good ol’ boys are not so good. It has led to the removal of many in law enforcement and a revamping of many protocols. The NFL and Mr. Leavy should recognize that they are not only being watched, but they are also being scrutinized by the very ones that put money in their pockets. Continued tolerance of faulty calls will lead to a public that is disgusted and distrustful of this business and they will find something else to watch. Something real, like wrestling.

Anonymous said...

Fast forward to Nov. 4, 2012 and Leavy is at it again.

In a blatant attempt to atone for his sins against Seattle, Leavy spotted the Giants two scores all the while allowing the Giants to inflict spearing, etc. on Steeler players.

After the first half which resulted in irate children and grandmothers lighting up the switchboard, the refs were called off and the Steelers commenced to hand the Giants their you know whats.

50 million people saw Miller clipped but Leavy did not?